The Discovery

The story that follows is how I discovered my son’s incestuous desires for his own mother. At the time of my discovery I was thirty-six and my son Kevin was eighteen and about to finish is senior year in high school. I was a stay at home house wife and mother to my son Kevin […]

Massage Therapy Experience

My experience with Massage Therapists! I don’t know why but I have always liked massage therapists and it seems they have always liked me. Maybe it’s because it’s such an intimate setting under the pretense of a professional service. I mean think about it. You lay there naked under a thin sheet and the therapist […]

The Desert Oasis

The sun was beating down mercilessly on James’ shoulders. He gazed blankly out from behind his sunglasses – unable to appreciate the glorious landscape that spread before him for the agonising heat. His t-shirt was soaked through. Rolling dunes disappeared off in every direction he looked except back. He turned now and ran his eyes […]

Massage of Pleasure

After taking a long, soothing, relaxing bath, you step out of the tub, and dry your sexy, wet, nude body off… Then, wrapped in nothing but a thick, soft terry cloth robe, you walk into the bedroom, to find even more candles lit, filling the air with a hint of vanilla… soothing music floats from […]

Masks , Shadows

“You are cordially invited to the 87th Masquerade.” The gold script on the parchment went on to list time, date and place. But it was the word “masquerade” that she dwelt on. Angela had loved the costumes at Halloween as a child, and the few costume parties she had gone to at college had been […]

The Bondage Family Ch. 02

From the Author: Due to a very lovely piece of recent Fan Mail, I was able to think of another story involving these kinky characters. I hope you, and she, enjoy this newest story. ~~ BrettJ Ryan Colt was seriously considering chucking his career and going for early retirement. Every day just seemed be constant […]

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Ben emel ablanlara gidiyorum dedi ve cıktı artık iyce ablamdan hoşlanır olmuştum nasıl olursa olsun onu sikmek istiyordum artık ablamda birşeyler istiyordu bunu anlamaya başlamıştım hemen eski eve girdim porno dergiye baktım yerinde yoktu ablam almıştı berkide emel ablaya götürdü diye düşündüm hemen ablamın odasına cıktım biraz karıştırdım kilotlarını buldum biraz elledim yatagını kaldırdım benim […]

The Crowned , Conquering Child

(This a symbolic tale, historically and mythologically accurate.) I wasn’t prepared when they came for me. The guards, dragging me along by my upper arms. They told me not to struggle, knowing there would be bruised fingermarks, but I did anyway. The war had gone on for so long we had accepted it as a […]

The Curse of Magic Mansion Ch. 02

Part 2: The Lair of the Spider Queen – When Tina had seen her little sister incapacitated, ice had filled her veins. Cold fire had covered her hands and bled from her eyes, and she had felt the urge to destroy. But her brother had urged her back. He had been right: she had just […]

Mark and Linda

Mark had met Linda innocently enough… on an Internet dating site. It was his eyes that caught her attention at first and she decided to send him an email, complimenting him. In reality, she was taken by his muscular build, tight abs, and dimpled smile. Much to her surprise, he wrote back. Over the next […]

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