A Litte Night Music


A Litte Night MusicAll of my stories are based on real events that occurred in my life. However, I reserve the right to embellish, modify, add, or omit anything. Enjoy!I could feel my hands tensing. My back and arms were aching. All I could think about was pleasing him as I kept pushing the limit of my body. The room echoed with sound, louder and louder. Until he reached over my shoulder, closed the piano book, and said “I think that’s enough for today.” There was a subtle hint of disappointment in his voice. I should’ve practiced. But, I had always struggled with Rachmaninoff 3rd concerto, and I surrendered to the fact I would never become a real pianist. I stood up from the bench and inexplicably cried. “Oh, no,” he said in the most comforting tone possible. Mr. Ponce opened his arms and held me in a tight and warm bear hug. It must’ve looked strange to see a 20 year old cry in the arms of a husky middle-aged man. Mr. Ponce was about my height, 6’0. He weighed at least 100 pounds more than I did, and his grizzly goatee was definitely more developed than my clean-shaven face. I always knew Mr. Ponce was gay. It was impossible for him to hide it. This doesn’t mean that Mr. Ponce was in any way a femme. He was actually quite masculine. Maybe it was that his living room was painted turquoise. Or, maybe it was the way he slowly walked me to my car after every piano lesson. I couldn’t be sure. But, I had known that Mr. Ponce was gay for years even though it was something neither of us had ever discussed.He knew all about my… adventures with other men, and I regularly asked him advice on how to turn someone down or how to show someone that you’re interested. He was always there for me. As he held me in his embrace in the middle of his turquoise living room, I could feel his thick chest hair tangled underneath his shirt and the rough texture of his beard kissing my forehead. “It’s okay, Matthew.” he said after each kiss. Even though I didn’t understand it at the time, I intentionally kept crying to get more kisses from Mr. Ponce. He sat me down and exclaimed “I know what you need! I got it!” “W-what?” I said with a stuffy and pouty face. Mr. Ponce smirked and asked “do you have anywhere to be today?” “No…” Mr. Ponce smiled and said “Let’s go!” He put his hands on my shoulders and walked me to his car. “What are we doing, Mr. Ponce?” He turned on the ignition and said with a laugh “taking a Mental Health Day.” We sped off, and I just sat there not knowing where we were going for our mental health day. We started driving towards the beach area of town and we passed all of the major beaches that I was familiar with. I could smell his cologne. I was very familiar with it from all of the years of playing in his living room and him leaning over my shoulder. Everything outside seemed so unfamiliar, so I started to nervously look if there were any major landmarks. Mr. Ponce placed his hand on my thigh and said “Don’t worry!” And, with a smiled he added “Have I ever steered you wrong? Get it? STEERED you wrong?” I laughed because I was used to his corny jokes, but for the first time I started to wonder why Mr. Ponce was still single. After all, he was a great catch. Handsome, funny, witty, and very masculine. He kept his hand on my thigh the rest of the drive and then he squeezed it as we approached a sign for a beach that I had never heard of. He pulled into a nice shady spot and said “Ta-da!” “What?” I said with a confused look izmir escort on my face. This is “Haulover.” “I’m sorry Mr. Ponce. Is Haulover a restaurant?” “No! It’s a beach.” “Oh, well I don’t have a bathing suit or towel…” Mr. Ponce broke in to laughter and said “Matthew, you don’t need a bathing suit. It’s a NUDE beach. And, because I was planning on coming here after your lesson, I have extra towels.” I started to blush. “Oh, Mr. Ponce, I… I don’t know if… I …” He interrupted and said comfortingly “Wear your underwear if you’re uneasy about this. Do you want me in my underwear too or would you be okay if I was nude?” My cock twitched. I had never imagined Mr. Ponce naked or even in a bathing suit, but my body was responding to the thought of his hairy chest being exposed to me, the image of his masculine beer belly, and the curiosity of his cock size. I didn’t even think of saying “I want to go home.” So, I replied “Okay, let’s go to the beach. I’ll keep my underwear on and you can be in the nude, Mr. Ponce.” His eyes sparkled as he said “Alright, but you have to make me one more promise.” “What’s that?” I said with surprise. “Please call me Robert. If you’re going to see me naked, it’s weird if you call me Mr. Ponce. Too many years of you calling me that, ya know?” I laughed and said “Deal, Robert.” Just as I said it my cock twitched again.When we walked onto to the beach there were lots of people there. Mostly, old men. I was looking around making sure there was nobody with a camera as Robert removed his clothing. His chest was a trimmed blanket of fur that twisted and curled from his sternum to his belly. His nipples were pierced and a big bear paw print was tattooed over his heart. In a trance, I took off my shirt as I stared at his body. He took off his jeans and slid off his briefs to reveal a gorgeous uncut cock. I couldn’t tell what length it was because of how soft he was, but I knew it was substantial especially for a man with his weight. I stared and he laughed. “Well, Matthew?” “You have a great body, Mr. Ponce. I mean…Robert.” He laughed awkwardly. “That’s not what I meant,” he replied as he walked slowly towards me. He unbuttoned my jeans causing my cock to expand and whispered “it’s your turn.” I slid off my jeans and stood there in my black boxer-briefs, knowing that my bulge was obvious. He licked his lips behind that grizzly goatee and said “Alright. Let’s have a good day.”We swam a bit in the water and talked and we developed the habit that whenever an old man came close to talk to me Mr. Ponce would put his arm around me. I liked it. When we took a break from the water, I was shivering in spite of the warm sun and towel Mr. Ponce gave me. “Come here,” said Mr. Ponce. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder as I rested my chest on that blanket of fur. He moved his other arm around me and entangled his legs with mine. “Better?” He said in a low tone. “Mmhmm,” I murmured into his chest. Knowing about my adventures with older men, Mr. Ponce asked “Matthew, why are you attracted to older men?” “I don’t know,” I replied. “I think it’s the maturity, the handsome features, maybe the feeling of submitting to a man that I think is worth submitting to.” His cock twitched.”Would someone like me be worth submitting to?” Mr. Ponce asked carefully. “Why, Robert?” He kissed me on the forehead and said “well…you know I worry about you, Matthew. You’re a good boy.” I quickly interrupted him “Um… I’m escort izmir not a boy. I’m 20.” He rolled over and held me down with a look I had never seen in his eyes “Oh, yeah? You look like a little whiny twink to me.” I struggled to fight back as I said “I’m not a twink!” I felt his cock grow against my thigh. He released his grip and rolled onto his stomach. “I know, Matthew. I was just k**ding. Say, why don’t we get in the water?” I agreed with a nod and a smile but knew he was trying to hide his body’s reaction to me. He rushed to the water before I could stand up. I looked at him once more as he walked away from me and took off my underwear. He turned around, and I saw that look in his eye come back, the one he had when he pinned me down.Dusk was approaching when a handsome middle-aged man swam towards us. He was actually just my type. He bit his lip in the most inviting way and started flirting with me in front of Mr. Ponce. I had a feeling that Mr. Ponce would put his arm around me not knowing if he was my type or not, but instead he did something unexpected. He came up from behind me, wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my neck in front of this other man. The stranger awkwardly swam away with the idea that Mr. Ponce was my partner. I laughed and then noticed that even though the man sway away Mr. Ponce held on to me. I felt his cock growing against my soft hispanic ass. I stayed quiet. He continued kissing my neck and pressing his cock against my ass. I enjoyed it, but didn’t know what to say. The only sounds that could be heard were the waves and the smack of his lips against my sea-salted flesh. Slowly, I arched my neck around and moved my lips towards his. He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine and moaned. I turned my body fully around and felt his cock resting against my ass. I was chest to chest with him. His kisses become harder as his hands held tightly to my hips. I felt my body ache as I moved my fingers through his hair. Dusk had set.After we walked and stepped into the car in silence, both of us with obvious erections, Mr. Ponce sighed and said “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t take advantage of you the way –” I interjected “Stop! I liked it. I liked it a lot. I wanted it. So, you didn’t take advantage of me. I’m not a frail k** anymore. I’m an adult and I want you, Robert. The only thing you should apologize for is for apologizing in the first place.” I placed my hand on his. He grinned and leaned in closer. “So, you want me? And, I’m not forcing you?” I leaned in closer, pecked his lips once, and said “take me home and find out.”When we got to his home, he asked me if I wanted to take a shower. I grabbed his hand and led him towards the bathroom. He placed his hands on my hips as I kissed him and undid his button and fly. He moaned and took off his shirt. I started to suck on his nipple rings as I removed my jeans. He ripped off my shirt and ordered “Get in!” The hot water relaxed my body as the thought of him in me entered my mind more and more. He washed the sea’s salt off of me as he rubbed my flesh with strawberry soap. I kissed his chest as he stroked me with lathered hands. He bent my body over and licked one of his fingers. “Tell me if you want me to stop.” he said. He teasingly rubbed my hole. I moaned for him. He continued rubbing my hole for a good 4 minutes. I couldn’t take the teasing anymore, so I started to moan louder and beg him to open me. He licked and slid one finger into izmir escort bayan me. I swayed with delight until he curved it causing me to stay absolutely still and submit to his touch. He pulled his finger out and licked two. He rubbed his saliva against my hole and started to slide in and out of me faster. “Mmmm…Robert give me what I want.,” I kept begging. He leaned in kissed my back and said “alright then. Follow me.” He turned off the water and handled me a towel.As we approached his bedroom, I got on my knees and started to kiss his knees, his chubby thighs, and balls. He grabbed the back of my head and guided me all along the lower half of his body. I then wrapped his balls around my thick lips and alternated between sucking each hairy ball. His cock started to grow while it was placed on my face, and I could feel a droplet of his precum dribbling down my left cheek. He smelled so manly. I reached for his cock, but then he moved my hand away and wrestled me onto the bed. He turned me on my side and gave me a big slap on the ass. He moved his grizzly face towards my thick-ish thighs and rubbed his goatee against my soft bubbly ass. As I was on my side, he opened my cheeks and licked my boypussy. I moaned. He moved his tongue up and down as I moaned louder for Mr. Ponce. He held onto my hips and rolled me on top of him as he laid on his back. I started to rock my hips into his lips. “Fuck me, Mr. Ponce… Fuck me…” I begged. That’s when he started penetrating my hole with his tongue. I could barely take it I rolled off of him and bent over. “Please, Mr. Ponce… please.” He reached for my cock and stroked me as if he were milking a cow. “Is that what you want, Matthew?” Exasperated, I said “YES! Make me your little whore” “Then beg “Robert,” not Mr. Ponce.” At the time, I didn’t have the mental capacity to understand the significance of this for him, but I did it anyway. “Fuck me, Robert… Open my whole and make it yours… please, Robert…please.” He lubed up his cock with some of his spit, grabbed my hips, and slowly slid into me. His fingers and rimming had loosened me up enough that he entered pretty easily, and for the most part he was gentle with my hole. All of a sudden, he started to wrestle me again and that same look in his eye came back. He threw me on my back and lifted my legs up to my head. He slowly slid his 7 inch cock back into my hole, placed his beer belly on my body as if it were a shelf for it, and fucked me hard. His hands grabbed my tiny belly tightly as he slapped his balls against my hispanic ass. The way he moved his cock was so powerful I could barely open my eyes. I started to stroke my cock as he fucked me. Somehow, he started fucking me harder, so hard that the only thing I was aware of was the feeling of his rod sliding in and out of me to the percussion of his thrusts.. I started cumming and cumming all over myself. One large glob fell on my chin. Mr. Ponce leaned in, licked it, and kissed me as he fucked me some more. His cock grew and he barely uttered “mouth or ass?” “Ass… please….” He grabbed my shoulders, leaned in and kissed me as he gave my ass a few final thrusts. I wish I could’ve seen how much cum was dripping out of me because it felt like a fountain cleaning my insides with warmth. I moved towards his cock once he slid out of me and started cleaning his cum drenched cock. Mr. Ponce’s cock and foreskin tasted and felt amazing. He kissed me for some a while and fingered my swollen ass filled with his cum. After that day, my piano lessons never ended in tears. Instead, there were many nights where I spent the evening with a cum-filled ass courtesy of Mr. Ponce.Feedback is always welcome!

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