30 seconds to Cum

30 seconds to CumIt was a warm Saturday morning, and I was sitting on my ex-girlfriend Nicole’s couch, as horny as could be. I had stayed over last night, and was hoping for, at least a little bit of fun before bed. Nicole, as she is known to be, was not in the mood.”I’m sorry […]

Leaving her job interview

Leaving her job interviewThe temporary job Donna had in the clothing store in town was coming to an end but she was invited to her line manager’s office for an interview for an up and coming temporary position. As she knock on Sally’s door, she called out and Donna entered and sat down in front […]

Every man needs a hobby.

Every man needs a hobby.After I had performed oral sex on my neighbor who we will call Bob for convince. We had a talk a few days later. He had never had someone suck him off to completion. Nor had he had anyone finger his a**.He had seen me out a few times earlier in […]

My sisters Big Tits

My sisters Big TitsI noticed that my sister, Donna had about the biggest set of tits in the family. It was a true delight for me to be close to her when she sat beside me to watch television. Sometimes, at the dinner table, she would catch me looking over at her enormous round jugs, […]

Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 1)

Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 1)With best regards to my co-autor Jennie. [user]http://de.xhamster.com/user/lady-jen[/user]Monika finished up her bath, ready for bed but not to sleep. It was Christmas Eve, Monika eagerly awaiting a special Christmas orgasm; her mound freshly shaven and she was extremely horny. It was as though Santa was going to bring her […]

Bondage Nightmare Part 3

Bondage Nightmare Part 3I wasn’t sure what time it was when I woke up the next morning. I just pulled myself out of bed, showered and looked on the security camera monitor to check how my new toy was doing. She was still sleeping in her cell. I decided I wanted the fun to start […]


PCH1We had been driving down PCH1, open top Aston Martin.. We had pulled in to Big Sur for some refreshments…Leaning up against you, your arm around meWe chatted for a while, the surf hitting the beach, the sun was just starting to set….the ambience was perfect, the company exquisite …We did not have to say […]

First time with brother (Fiction)

First time with brother (Fiction)This story is fiction and it wasn’t written by me.As Melody was getting out of the pool, she saw her dad had an erection, under his swimsuit, and it was huge from what she could make out, like she had heard her mom say. He was trying to be cool about […]

Caught in her undies

Caught in her undiesI’ve been home from work for a few days and although I get plenty of sex I love trannies, my wife doesn’t know this though. I woke up with the raging horn and decided as soon as she went to work I was gonna treat myself. The minute her car pulled off […]

Back in my early age it seemed older men were attr

Back in my early age it seemed older men were attrI was only about 16 years old at this time. My mom, me and 3 sisters moved over to the east end of this city. It was sort of a welfare building, your normal row housing. On welfare, you can’t afford that much, especially with […]

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