Bath House Bottom Ch. 02


Nearly two weeks had passed since Trevor lured me to the bath house and gave me the fucking of my life. He owned me after that. That older, mature man knew I was his. I badly wanted him again. I wanted that thick cock, that strong sweaty body, those powerful arms controlling me. Each night I squirmed in my bed, imagining that bulging mushroom head forcing its way inside my hole, me powerless to resist. How I longed for him to take me again.

My prayers were answered when on my way home from university I received a text from him. “Hey sexy, I want that tight hole of yours. Come to my place now.” Just the thought caused a swelling in my pants as I changed direction and headed to Trevor’s house.

I knocked on the door, my heart pounding with excitement. Trevor answered the door wearing a blue satin gown, tied around the waist. “Well if it isn’t my little bottom slut!” he said with a grin. “Daddy has been waiting for you. And I see you’re keen to see daddy” he said, gazing down at my bulging pants.

“Follow me.” he said as he led me through his living room. “I’m surprised you were able to wait two weeks for me to contact you.”

“I don’t know what you did to me, but you’re all I can think about.” I replied nervously.

“I told you I would make you mine.” he said as we entered his bedroom. His bed was massive. A king size. He had several mirrors on the walls of his bedroom and even one on the ceiling. Clearly this room was made for one thing only.

He sat on the end of his bed as I stood nervously in the doorway. “Well you can’t serve me with all those clothes on now can you boy?” he said. “Strip.”

I fumbled and removed my shoes, then my shirt. Slowly I unbuckled my jeans and lowered them to the floor, all the while Trevor watched me undress. There I stood, in the doorway, completely naked. My body slim, my chest smooth, my shaven cock standing fully erect. Trevor nodded in approval, he liked what he saw. Trevor and I were a perfect match. He liked young, smooth, submissive guys, I liked the strong, older top who I could serve and pleasure.

“I think you should crawl over here.” he said as he eyes wandered all over me. I nodded and dropped to my knees, crawling towards Trevor, who was still sitting on the edge of the bed. As I got closer, he untied his gown, pulled it to the side and slowly spread his legs, exposing his semi hard shaved cock, and big balls. I was on my hands and knees between his legs and I looked up at him. He smiled and said “You know what to do.”

I tilted my head up and with the tip of my tongue, began to lick to head of his cock. It was only semi hard, but it immediately responded and began to swell. I lifted his cock in my hand and licked from the base of the shaft all the way to the head, then again I did the same all around the shaft as it rapidly illegal bahis swelled in my hand, until it was fully erect. That thick cock. 7 inches long, but jaw achingly thick. It was now rock hard, the veins bulging. I had only one purpose, to make that monster gush mountains of cum wherever Trevor wanted.

Still kneeling, I put both hands on Trevor’s thighs and opened my mouth wide. I lowered my head towards his cock and took that bulging mushroom head into my mouth. I began to work the head with my tongue, swirling over it. I loved the taste of this cock. The salty musk. Slowly I began to move along the shaft, taking more in each time. Every time I came up for air, a mix of saliva and precum would spill from my mouth, dripping in long lines down to the floor. I could hear Trevor moaning and my own cock grew harder. I got my pleasure from giving him pleasure.

Trevor leaned forward and slapped my ass, but in doing so, he inadvertently shoved the full length of his thick cock down my throat. I nearly choked. I gagged and tears swelled in my eyes. “I need to teach you to deepthroat me boy.” he said jokingly. Then he began to circle my hole with his finger. I heard him squirt lube onto this hand and he inserted a finger into my tight ass. “Still tight I see. That’s a good boy.” Slowly he inserted a second finger, then a third, spreading them apart to loosen me up.

Trevor pulled his fingers from me and gently pushed me away from sucking his cock, “That’s enough.” he said. He moved further back on the bed and lay down on his back. Looking at me and then his cock he gave the obvious motion. “Climb on, I know you want to go on this ride.”

I climbed onto the bed and kneeled above Trevor, facing him. I lifted my self up reached one hand behind me, wrapping a hand around the base of his cock. I guided his cock towards my ass until it was lined up with my hole. I took a deep breath and looked into his eyes, he grinned. Here we go again, that thick rock hard cock versus my tiny tight hole. Slowly I breathed out and lowered my self onto his cock, the head pressed hard against my hole as my ass tried its best to keep him out, but with my body weight bearing down, it slowly opened me up until it broke through and my hole closed hungrily around the head.

With the mighty cock head inside me, I placed both hands on Trevor’s chest and slowly lowered my ass onto his thick meat pole until I had taken in the entire length. It felt amazing. His thickness stretched me to the limit and filled me completely. My eyes rolled back and I began to ride him. Slowly at first, up an inch or two and then back down. As I got more comfortable I bounced higher, allowing more of his cock to slide out before going back in. I was in heaven. Each time I came down on his cock my hips would gyrate, trying to get even more of illegal bahis siteleri him inside me. I looked down at Trevor’s face and I could see that he was enjoying this, but he wanted more. “Ok sexy.” he said. “You’ve had a nice ride, but now it’s time to be fucked like the little slut that you are. On your knees boy.”

I lifted my self off his cock and assumed the doggy position on all fours. But as Trevor kneeled behind me he placed his powerful hand between my shoulders and pushed down. My arms buckled and my face was buried into the bed. He clearly wanted to fuck and fuck hard.

He lined up his cock with my wet hole and without mercy, slid the whole 7 inches inside in one motion. With one hand still firmly between my shoulders, he placed the other hand on my hip and began to fuck me. Immediately I was pushed to the limit. He would withdraw his entire cock except for the head then with a grunt, slam it back inside so deep and hard that his big cum filled balls would slap against me. I was caught in a mixture of pain and pleasure. This furious, rough fucking was hurting but at the same time, the pleasure each time he thrust inside me was incredible. This powerful was in complete control of me and all I could do was submit. It felt so good, the pain was fading and my ass was hungry for his cock.

The power fucking continued upon my hole until Trevor’s breathing quickened and his grunting got more intense. He was about to unleash a monster load. Suddenly he removed his hand from my shoulders and pulled his thick cock from my ass. He let out a long, loud moan. I felt a big splash of his hot cum land on my back, then another and another. His cock was squirting load after load onto my back, from my neck to my ass I was almost coated in cum. Finally his cock stopped erupting and he collapsed in a sweaty heap onto the bed beside me. I lay exhausted on my stomach, my back glazed with Trevor’s jizz.

After a good 15 minutes Trevor nudged me with his elbow. “We should probably get you cleaned up before I send you home.” he said, as he began to get up off the bed.

I followed him into the bathroom, where he turned on the shower. Once the water was warm he guided me inside, then followed me in, closing the shower door. The shower was quite large, easily big enough for two. Trevor squirted some shower gel onto a wash cloth and wiped me down gently, cleaning up my ass and back. “Gotta look after my little fuck toy now don’t I?” he said. “Keep my little bottom slut clean so he can serve me again.”

“Your turn now.” he said as he placed the wash cloth in my hand. I turned and faced Trevor, washing his pecs and torso, down to his abs. I moved my hand lower and gently cleaned those big balls, cupping them in both hands. They were huge, no wonder they shot gallons of cum over my back before. canlı bahis siteleri I massaged his cock with the washcloth. When we had entered the shower it was soft, but it was now semi hard. “I think you should get down there and make sure it’s clean.” said Trevor, as he took the washcloth from my hand and slowly guided me down by my shoulders.

His cock was perfect. It was clean and glistening in the shower water. “Get a closer look.” he said, placing a hand on the back of my head and pushing me closer. I opened my mouth and reached out with my tongue, taking in the head of his semi hard cock. In its current state it was neither too long nor too thick and I took the opportunity to take the full length into my mouth, knowing there was no way I could once it’s hard.

I worked his cock with my tongue and sucked hard along the shaft as it rapidly grew inside my mouth. Before I knew it, I was once again staring at 7 inches of the thickest meat I had ever seen. Trevor placed both hand around my head and took control, slowly thrusting in and out of my mouth. I wrapped two fingers around the base of his shaft to make sure he didn’t thrust too deep. He didn’t seem to mind. If anything, to took as a sign that he could thrust harder now he had a limit on depth.

Trevor pulled out and slapped my cheek with his cock. Smearing a trail of precum and saliva across my face. “You’re my little bottom slut now.” he said, slapping me again with his cock. He shoved it back in my mouth and began fucking my face again. “You’re mine now. I told you two weeks ago that I would make you mine. You will keep coming back to service my thick cock with your tight little ass because we both know there is no other cock you want anymore.” He was right, all I had thought about for two weeks was him fucking me again and again.

Trevor continued with this incredible, sloppy face fucking. Then, without warning he thrust his cock as deep as he could and pulled my face in, holding it there. He threw his head back and let out a loud roar. My eyes widened as I felt his cock swell. Cum erupted into mouth and I tried to swallow the load. But it was too much. It filled my mouth and burst out around my lips, covering my cheeks and chin in thick globules of hot cum. Ropes of cum dripped from my chin on to my pecs, where they ran down my torso to my own cock. This load was just as big as the first. His cock was pulsating in my mouth, each pulse producing another squirt of thick, salty cum.

Struggling to breathe, I let his hard cock drop from my mouth, still pulsating. The final few pulses squirted straight into my face, just below my eye. So much for getting cleaned up, I was a real mess. I reached down to where Trevor’s cum had dribbled near my cock and traced it back up with my finger to my pecs, collecting it on my finger along the way. Looking up at Trevor, I then ran the finger around my cum covered lips, collecting a big glob of his cum. I opened my mouth and sucked my finger clean, swallowed, then opened wide to show him it was gone. “Good boy.” he said, looking down, smiling.

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