Chat/RP Log: Dennis’ Wife is mine for 24hrs (


Chat/RP Log: Dennis’ Wife is mine for 24hrs (Included Kinks/FetishesWife Swapping, Submission, ****, BBW, Hardcore, Rough Sex, Nipple Torture, Humiliation, Interracial, Body Writing, Pussy Eating, Deepthroat, Creampie, Cum Filled Panties, Sloppy Seconds, High Heels, Sexy Legs, Porn Chat, Role Play*SKIP TO BOLDED SECTION FOR GOOD PART*PremiseI’ve started opening to chat and a user on Freeones invited people to add him on YIM to chat about his super sexy, thick wife. She’s fairly pale and has big, slightly drooping tits that are at least Double D’s maybe even E’s. He requested that I don’t share the pics.His fantasy was to know what guys would do with her if I had 24hrs with her to myself, and she couldn’t say no. He was very satisfied with the results…(Certain lines are cut to save time)Chat1:53:54 AM darkorse102284: Hi I’m from freeones, did u msg me on there?1:54:33 AM pr0n_glutton: are you the guy who wanted to share his wife?1:55:22 AM darkorse102284: Pics yeah1:55:35 AM pr0n_glutton: yeah, that was me1:56:35 AM darkorse102284: Hi… I wanna say my wife isn’t a huge bbw. She is 5’3″ 175#.1:56:44 AM pr0n_glutton: does she know you share1:56:49 AM darkorse102284: Yes.1:57:00 AM darkorse102284: She just asks not to show her face.2:02:08 AM pr0n_glutton: got a pic to show?2:03:52 AM darkorse102284: Of her?2:04:14 AM darkorse102284: What u like? Ass? Tits? Feet? Legs?2:04:23 AM pr0n_glutton: all of the above2:04:30 AM darkorse102284: Pick one. Lol2:04:39 AM pr0n_glutton: tits2:04:58 AM darkorse102284: There ya go2:06:35 AM pr0n_glutton: oh lovely2:06:38 AM darkorse102284: U like?2:06:48 AM pr0n_glutton: man, i’d play so much with those2:07:05 AM darkorse102284: Here’s my thing, if you will indulge me…2:07:21 AM pr0n_glutton: go on…2:08:30 AM darkorse102284: I like hearing what guys would do if you had her for 24hrs and she couldn’t say no.2:09:22 AM pr0n_glutton: shit, never thought of stuff like that. do you fantasize her with other guys?2:10:11 AM pr0n_glutton: i can come up with a few things, but i want to know what your limits are. Turn ons/turn offs2:10:25 AM darkorse102284: I have watched her with 2 other guys.2:10:41 AM pr0n_glutton: and you like it?2:10:54 AM darkorse102284: Ones cock was huge. Like 10″ long and super wide.2:11:14 AM pr0n_glutton: very nice2:11:26 AM pr0n_glutton: wouldn’t be as hot with me, i’m puny 2:12:25 AM darkorse102284: Lol. So she’s urs for 24… what would u do…2:12:39 AM darkorse102284: She can’t say no.2:13:13 AM pr0n_glutton: first, i’d use her for my self. Start making out kissing. My hands constantly groping ans squeezing her tits2:14:12 AM pr0n_glutton: sucking hard as i can, trying to force milk out. when she refuses, i start slapping her tits2:15:07 AM darkorse102284: Nice…2:15:15 AM pr0n_glutton: buca escort slap ’em real hard and leave hand marks on her. Once I’m done slapping her around, I tell her to take the rest of her clothes off and set up a camera where she takes pics of herself for others2:15:34 AM darkorse102284: You gonna have her do anything nasty? :D2:15:54 AM pr0n_glutton: she has to follow all my orders, including writing stuff like slut and property of PG while she takes pics2:15:58 AM pr0n_glutton: I’m getting there ;)2:17:06 AM pr0n_glutton: have her spread her legs and tell her to take pics of her spread pussy. the writing on her thighs say “Easy pussy” and “< INsert cock" pointing to her pussy2:17:22 AM darkorse102284: Oh nice. Some people need coaching I think u got this I'm just gonna read and enjoy.2:17:34 AM pr0n_glutton: strokin?2:17:45 AM darkorse102284: Damn right .2:17:49 AM pr0n_glutton: :)2:18:30 AM pr0n_glutton: on a side note, she will have to spread the pics across the net and personally thank anybody who commented an fapped to her2:18:43 AM pr0n_glutton: after she finishes posting pics...2:18:52 AM pr0n_glutton: I go down on her and taste her2:19:22 AM pr0n_glutton: I make a lot a saliva, so over a course 5 minutes of eating her pussy, it's nice and wet2:19:39 AM pr0n_glutton: pussy is all sloppy from spit and pussy juice2:19:59 AM pr0n_glutton: I take a few more pics myself and exploit her on the web2:20:08 AM pr0n_glutton: "Please, stop!"2:20:20 AM pr0n_glutton: it turns me on to hear her whimper2:20:36 AM darkorse102284: Nice... btw, she squirts (if that matters)...2:20:38 AM pr0n_glutton: she remembers her oath and stops whining2:20:49 AM pr0n_glutton: fuck yeah2:21:24 AM darkorse102284: :D2:21:47 AM pr0n_glutton: She looks down, ready for a black snake to pop out2:21:59 AM pr0n_glutton: out comes a black worm2:22:10 AM pr0n_glutton: "Oh, that isn't what I expected..."2:22:20 AM pr0n_glutton: well, this is what you get2:22:26 AM darkorse102284: Nice.2:22:27 AM pr0n_glutton: You're all mine tonight2:23:08 AM pr0n_glutton: She closed her legs in hesitation, but remembering her oath to her husband, slowly spread out and let him in2:23:20 AM pr0n_glutton: "No condom, sir?"2:23:34 AM pr0n_glutton: Consider this a warm, welcoming gift for darkorse2:23:50 AM pr0n_glutton: I thrust in and outfucking her madly2:24:19 AM darkorse102284: Oh she's done that before... we have fucked after she already was cummed in.2:24:36 AM pr0n_glutton: I slow down a bit and slap her tits some more, squeezing, sucking biting, slapping2:24:46 AM pr0n_glutton: I pull on her nipples2:24:55 AM pr0n_glutton: "Oh, I love fucking other men"2:25:09 AM pr0n_glutton: "I'm such a slut, I don't care who it is"2:25:27 AM pr0n_glutton: I take some clothespins buca escort bayan and pinch her tits2:25:52 AM pr0n_glutton: I continue fucking while grabbing a camera and recording her tits bouncing around as she gets fucked and screams2:25:56 AM pr0n_glutton: “Oh yes”2:26:10 AM pr0n_glutton: “Oh yes, whore out my fat tits!”2:26:18 AM darkorse102284: I love this this story is amazing2:26:21 AM pr0n_glutton: “Show everybody I’m a cheap fuck slut”2:26:33 AM pr0n_glutton: Bitch, this cost me nothing!2:26:41 AM pr0n_glutton: “Mmm, even better!”2:27:10 AM darkorse102284: Damn… ur amazing at this, lol.2:27:18 AM pr0n_glutton: I fuck and fuck while the camera is on record, intending to reupload every where for random pervs to enjoy2:27:49 AM pr0n_glutton: I almost get to climax and then I pull out..2:27:52 AM pr0n_glutton: I haven’t came yet2:28:07 AM pr0n_glutton: Hard cock throbbing, as I try to calm down2:28:32 AM pr0n_glutton: “Mm, I love seeing your hard, veiny cock, throbbing from using me.”2:28:39 AM pr0n_glutton: “Reminds me of my husbands”2:29:01 AM darkorse102284: Damn… ur doing amazing.2:29:02 AM pr0n_glutton: “I wonder what he thinks about me spreading my legs for random internet perverts”2:29:28 AM darkorse102284: She asked me about going into porn today, lol. Seriously2:29:46 AM pr0n_glutton: “I bet he’s probably jerk..” I shut her whore mouth by shoving my cock deep in to her face2:30:07 AM pr0n_glutton: Shut up bitch, taste your own juices2:30:42 AM pr0n_glutton: She hesitantly licks . Mad. I grab her hair and force her head down my cock2:31:07 AM pr0n_glutton: I straddle her face and force my cock balls deep in to her face2:31:23 AM pr0n_glutton: I see nothing but the top half of her face2:31:30 AM darkorse102284: Awesome.2:31:38 AM pr0n_glutton: my sweaty balls dripping all over her chin2:31:59 AM darkorse102284: She might puke. She has a huge gag reflex.2:32:00 AM pr0n_glutton: she’s surprisingly turned on by this and she starts masturbating with a free hand2:32:31 AM pr0n_glutton: and if she does puke, that’s fine too2:32:44 AM pr0n_glutton: Maybe i’ll force her to do that! >:)2:33:10 AM pr0n_glutton: as I hear her gurgle, I decide not to let her puke today “Maybe for another time” I say2:33:42 AM pr0n_glutton: My cock is oozing with a slimy mixture of precum, saliva, and throat snot2:34:04 AM pr0n_glutton: I pull up my cock and tell her to lick her juices off my balls2:34:05 AM darkorse102284: I love sloppy BJ’s and she’s great at them.2:34:11 AM darkorse102284: Nice.2:34:30 AM pr0n_glutton: I take side pictures as her tounge licks my stanger balls2:34:44 AM pr0n_glutton: her she is licking my balls and she doesn’t even know my name2:35:30 AM pr0n_glutton: I spread her face all over my escort buca messy crotch, ruining whatever make up, glasses and hair she is wearing and slam her back down on the bed2:36:17 AM pr0n_glutton: I go back to fucking her pussy and she moans. “Fuck me, fuck me you nasty nigger!” I slap the bitch in the face for the racial slur while I still keep fucking2:36:20 AM pr0n_glutton: “mm, thank you sir”2:36:59 AM pr0n_glutton: My cock pounds loudly as her fat thighs flapp while fucking2:37:03 AM pr0n_glutton: FAP FAP FAP 2:37:10 AM pr0n_glutton: UGH UGn UUUGHN2:37:27 AM pr0n_glutton: I moan as she moans2:37:50 AM pr0n_glutton: both covered in sweat, I finally finish as my cock spews stranger semen in to her cunt2:38:02 AM pr0n_glutton: “OH, I feel it squiting in me!”2:38:21 AM pr0n_glutton: “What a big load! So thick”2:38:44 AM pr0n_glutton: I finally finish, pulling out, seeing drops of white ooze out her pussy2:39:01 AM pr0n_glutton: I take my finger, scoop some of it up and feed it to her2:39:13 AM pr0n_glutton: “MMM, baby is there more inside?2:39:24 AM pr0n_glutton: Plenty more, but were’ going to save that for later2:40:14 AM pr0n_glutton: I slide her panties back on to her, making sure they go all the way back on.2:40:28 AM pr0n_glutton: “But that will leave a big stain in my panties!”2:40:40 AM pr0n_glutton: I know darling….I know 2:40:56 AM pr0n_glutton: Now clean me off2:41:15 AM pr0n_glutton: I stand tall, dicking throbbing and wet2:41:28 AM pr0n_glutton: she gets off the bed and gets on her knees to clean me off2:41:38 AM pr0n_glutton: That’s a good girl*End of RP*2:41:47 AM darkorse102284: Thank you! That was fantastic. We are gonna be great friends… are u on a lot*We continue talking about other personal shit*2:45:30 AM pr0n_glutton: I actually had more ideas of what I would do to her for the rest of the day, but I think that is a good stopping point. Can do a “Chapter 2” later2:46:00 AM darkorse102284: That would be awesome. Do u like heels?2:46:11 AM pr0n_glutton: yes, huge feet/heel fetishist2:46:22 AM darkorse102284: Me too.2:46:29 AM pr0n_glutton: check out my pages..2:46:43 AM pr0n_glutton: AM pr0n_glutton: AM pr0n_glutton: AM pr0n_glutton: and http://pr0nglutton.tumblr.com2:47:35 AM pr0n_glutton: I got more links, but I won’t bombard you*The end of the good stuff**From this point, we continue a little various chatter and he even shows me a couple extremely hot pics of her wearing some ornate, black platform heels (almost looks like sequins) and her thick legs standing in some sexy platform sandals)That was pretty fun. I’m not sure if he came but I hope so. I had more ideas, but he had to leave, so there might be a “Chapter 2” depending how things pan out. I’m interested in doing more of those when I can as well as standard “trade pics and jerk” chats, so if that interests you, send me a PM saying what you like and what you are looking for. I prefer to use Yahoo.

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