Haven’t posted in a while

Haven’t posted in a whileSo I haven’t posted a story in a while, mainly because my sex life has been lacking. Well, might as well share a recent sexual adventure I had. Where do I begin? I recently moved into a new apartment. It just so happens a very attractive girl lives right under me. Her name is Jennifer. Jennifer is a little tall, very skinny. She has average sized boobs and a perky cute butt. Not big, but just the right size of ass to grab on to. She is white, and has long black hair. When I first saw Jennifer, I knew I just had to fuck her. I just had to. I tried to be friendly with her being neighbors and everything. Got to know her a bit. To my dismay, I discovered she had a boyfriend. I didn’t make much of an advance after that. Her boyfriend didn’t live with her though. One night we were drinking. We’ve gotten pretty close by now so we were drinking, having a good time and she starts telling me about how her boyfriend is getting really clingy. After boring details, we kissed. We made out. But it didn’t go further. The next day we didn’t speak or the day after that. I guess, I thought, I must have really upset her.. Whoops.Well, bahis siteleri canlı soon Jennifer came to my door, “Sammy.. I shouldn’t have kissed you, I’m sorry.” and I said “no I’m sorry. It was my fault. I knew you had a boyfriend.” She says, “to be honest with you, I want to do it again. I know it’s wrong, but it was nice.” There she was standing at my door with these tight jeans showing off her waist and I couldn’t resist. I pulled her in softly, placed my hand on her back and my other on her face and I kissed her lips softly. We looked at each other. I kissed her again and I kissed her strongly. We moved our lips in sync. Her tongue soon creeper in my mouth and found my tongue. I felt her hands running all over my body as she kissed me. I stopped and said to her “Alright, I think you’ve gotten enough.” She replied by grabbing me and kissing me again “no shut up” she said in between a kiss. I walked her over to the kitchen counter while kissing. She pressed me up against the counter working her hand under my shirt squeezing my boob through my bra. “I want to fuck you” she said. I kissed her passionately casino firmalari as I ran my hands down to her ass. I massaged it and squeezed it while she kissed my neck and lifted my bra over my boobs and began to suck my nipples and play with them. She kissed my Stomach and licked my Stomach until she got to my pants. She carefully unbuttoned it and slowly unzipped it. She slowly took my pants off awing at my panties and my legs. She felt my ass “you’re ass is too perfect.” she squeezed it and turned me around. She pressed me against the counter and bent me over. I could feel her wet tongue licking my checks and getting in between them. I could feel as her tongue slowly licked my ass. Her soft hands spread my ass apart and held my panties to one side. She began licking my ass finding my asshole. “ooh baby yes. I love anal. I fucking love anal” Jenn smacked my ass “you fucking better like it baby” she kept licking my ass eating it out. It felt so good. I hadn’t felt like that in a long time. I felt her fingers rubbing my pussy. I wanted her to fuck me and she took the message. She stood up and got in between my legs and grinder casino şirketleri her pussy against my leg. She moaned softly. I took her pants off and took her into my living room. I layed her on the couch. I crawled to her and went in between her legs. I started licking her sweet pussy. Mm it tasted so good. I licked and played with her clit. I massaged her ass. It was great! “Oh Sammy. Yes. Mmm. Baby.. Mmm.” she said to me. I licked her pussy as she grinder her hips against my face. I could feel her ready to cum. I inserted two fingers in her asshole and one in her pussy. She moaned loudly and came. “oooo Sammy you drive me crazy.” I licked her juices up. I went into the kitchen. She watched as my ass juggled with every step. I brought back a serving spoon. “bend over slut” like a good slut she did as she was told and bent over “yes baby” I stuck the spoon inside her pussy. I fucked her hard. She moaned loudly. I fingers my pussy while I fucked her. She came again. I made her fuck me next. She inserted the handle into My ass. God it felt amazing. She trusted it all in snd out quickly. Jennifer finished by licking my asshole one more time before laying on top of me and kissing me passionately. We took a shower together and we kissed even more there. After that she put on her clothes and went home. I’ve fucked her three times since then. Her pussy is still just just sweet. s

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