Merhaba Yer sorunu yasayan çiftler irtibata geçer

Merhaba Yer sorunu yasayan çiftler irtibata geçer Merhaba Yer sorunu yasayan çiftler irtibata geçerseniz yardımcı ola bilirim Swing hakkında bir yazı Swingin ne oldugunu bilmeyenlere anlamaya çalisanlar için eklenmistir…alintidir.. BAZI GENEL BILGILER… – Grup seks deneyimi çok kuvvetli bir uyaricidir… (ilk tecrübeden sonra deliler gibi sevismeye devam edebilirsiniz!) – Grup seks deneyimi zayif bir iliskiyi […]

Office teki karim 4

Office teki karim 4 Biraz geciktim kusura bakmayin nu kari cok zaman aliyor yazmayi sadece aksamlari edebiliyorum evde olmadigi zamanlar. Esmeri sikistirmistim ve onun benimle bi oyun oynamasini istedim oyun su olacakti,karim bi bununla hotele giti icin ona dedim ki oda ayarla cuma aksami bu gece kimse elemicek ona cumaya kadar dedim arabadan in talimatlarimi […]

The In-Laws

“I really want to have a go but I’m scared!” Taylor eyed up the jet ski, in the distance she could see her uncle in law bouncing and gliding across the sparking blue sea as he handled his jet ski like a pro. Apprehensively Taylor turned her gaze back to the vacant ski sat on […]

More Than a Massage

DISCLAIMER: No, this story is not real. Hell, it might not even sound realistic. The people are real (although the names have been changed), but that’s about it. I’m not big on build-up or character development, so if that’s what you’re looking for, prepare to be disappointed. I hope you enjoy it, but if you […]

Mr. Randall

I walk in, closing the door behind me. I walk over to your desk and stand in front of it. You are busy typing something so I clear my throat. “Miss Anderson. Please, have a seat,” you say as you finish what you’re doing and sit back in your chair. I sit down, my nerves […]

My Early Slutty Married Behaviour

When we were first married we rented the top storey of an old house from a retired police officer and his wife. The older couple also lived in lower half. Mike was working away a lot at the time, trying to impress his new company and his new bosses. We had no kids at the […]

The Tangled Web Ch. 09

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each […]

The Lake House

As she emerged from the car, Juliet Douglas heaved a deep and melancholy sigh. It was late in the spring and, although there had already been a few days of steamy summer heat, today had proven to be nice and comfortable, a breeze blowing briskly. The sky above her was mostly clear as well, only […]

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 60

Natalya’s Tales – Part 3 What had originally been scheduled as a three-week vacation with her husband in Russia had turned into a nearly six-month ordeal for Natalya. When she finally walked into her home in Regal Bay, with Mikhail carrying her suit cases behind, she felt a wave a relief wash over her. “Thank […]

Mrs. Hanson

Not long ago, I went to a mandatory leadership seminar provided by our corporation. The featured speaker Dr. Justin Davies focused mostly on one basic theme. He said that the concept of a self-made man is nothing but an illusion. He went on to show by example how each of us are a sum of […]

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