Masks , Shadows


“You are cordially invited to the 87th Masquerade.” The gold script on the parchment went on to list time, date and place. But it was the word “masquerade” that she dwelt on. Angela had loved the costumes at Halloween as a child, and the few costume parties she had gone to at college had been tremendous fun. Masquerade just made it sound so much more elegant and mysterious. She circled the calendar and began making plans to attend.

Angela poured over various magazines and catalogs looking for an idea. Anything from movies she discounted quickly as common. And the normal belly dancer, genie, pirate wench or she-devil fell away for the same reason. This was a once in a lifetime and she’d be damned if she blew it on showing up with someone else in the same outfit. Then she thought about her friend Thomas. He worked in the theater department at the college for their props and costumes…He’d be perfect for designing something unique and original.

“It has to be amazing…fantastic! I want your best work ever!” His back was turned to her and her pleadings. Hunched over the desk, the tall man was working rather than listening. “C’mon Thomas…there has to be some way to get you to do this. Please…?”

“Angela…I told you…I don’t have the time. The costumes have to be ready by opening night, and I only have half of them done. I’m sorry, but I just can’t.” He turned just long enough to express sincere regret tehn went back to his task.

A wicked smile came across her face, and she tossed the flowing blonde hair over her left shoulder. “I’ll tell you what, make you a deal…if you can make me an absolutely stunning costume, I’ll grant you one wish…anything your heart desires.” Her accent on anything made him sit up and take notice. There was no mistaking the tone and the implication. When he spun around, her posture and smile confirmed it.

Thomas stood and reached out to shake her hand “Deal. Be at my place tonight at 10:00”


She had spent the afternoon wondering; what he could do what wish he would ask for, how the people at the masquerade would respond. By the time it was 10:00 she was racked with anticipation. The knock on Thomas’s door was fast and short. She fidgeted while it took him a moment to answer. Angela burst in and looked around to see what he had so far. “Ok…so what have you got so far?”

“Hang on there, darlin…” His southern drawl a sharp contrast to her excited hurried state. “Let me get the sketch first, and if you like it we can start tonight.” He picked up the sketchpad from the kitchen table and motioned for her to sit on the couch. “It’s a little out there, but I doubt anyone else would be wearing it.” He flipped the pages to the sketch.

The image on the page was mesmerizing. It looked like a Japanese geisha, but with breast not often found on Asian women and the skin looked metallic rather then flesh. Glowing red lines went up her legs and trimmed the short wrap around kimono that barely covered the ass. The make up was silver rather than white, although the cheeks were still rose and heavy black eyeliner accentuated the oriental slant of the eyes. Thin deep crimson lips matched the silk of the robe and seem to be the focus of the drawing.

“Thomas…that is amazing! And you say we can start tonight?!?” Angela was clutching the pad absorbing every nuance of the sketch.

“Well, the body suit yeah…I’ve got the stuff here. I can do the robe in no time, and we can do the makeup just before you go.”

“Lets get started then…what do I need to do?” She held the pad so that the light hit it better, and traced the outline with her finger.


His simple command snapped her back to reality. “Tom…sweety…the wish comes later… “

“This isn’t part of the wish, Angela, this is costume design. That metal skin has to be skin. If you want it right, it starts with a body suit, now strip.” She looked around his studio apartment and saw that there was no bedroom or privacy in which to change into the spandex. Casting a glance at him, she knew that his wish was going to have her naked eventually…might as well reward his genius a little early.

She pulled the T-shirt over her head, letting her 34C breasts bob in the bra, nearly bouncing free. Kicking off her shoes, she undid her pants and let them fall to the floor by the footwear. With one arm covering herself, she let the bra strap slip off, and shimmied out of the lacy cloth. She held it up on display and let it drop, then lowered her panties to her ankles, lifting them as well and casting them aside with a flourish.

“Good thing you’re already shaved down there, that was going to be the next part of all this. And by the way…nice tan.” He was trying to sound blasé, but Angela could tell by the large rise in his jeans that he was looking with more than professional eyes. She grinned a wicked grin at the thought of what his wish would be, and the probability that the bulge under his fly was not just misplaced socks.

Thomas tossed her the illegal bahis bodysuit, which she slid into. It was nude and sheer, and clung to her tightly. She slid it over her legs and was in the process of pulling it up when Thomas mentioned “And be sure to lift your breasts when you pull the suit up. It will help create lift without the bra.” With an exaggerated motion she finished getting into the suit, and then turned for Thomas to evaluate.

“Oh yeah, that will be great. Now stand with your feet about shoulder width apart…I’ll need to paint the latex on.” He was mixing the fluid in a can as he approached. “And I should tell you, this will tickle. Try to hold as still as possible. And then should be dry within ten minutes or so.” The first few brushstrokes did tickle as he dabbed it on her shoulders. It tickled more as the brush traveled long slick paths down her back. All in all she did hold still clinching her fists to hold back the wiggles. IT was when he was painting her ass that the tickles turned more erotic and she bit her bottom lip, hoping to not get too aroused.

“Ok, now the front” His voice was slightly distant, as if he was talking to himself, or perhaps he was teasing her with the anticipation. He moved around in front of her and spread the first few dabs across the top of her chest. She began breathing harder as he traced the outlines of her breasts, working outward in toward the now too sensitive and aching nipples. The latex glossed over them, but she could feel the hairs in the brush as they surrounded and covered each tuft of flesh. She closed her eyes to concentrate and fight back the orgasm she knew was coming.

Angela listened for Thomas’s breath as he knelt down. He was painting down to her navel and across her hips. She could barely pick up the gulps as he made his way to the center. Dabbing more latex on to the brush, he went over the mound and in between her legs. The gasp she was holding back escaped, and she shivered slightly beneath his touch. Surprisingly, Thomas didn’t say anything, but he did stop painting for just a moment. She looked down just to see him peering up. The tension of the moment hung as their eyes met. Then Thomas broke his gaze and went back to painting.

In minutes Angela was cover from neck to ankle, and wrist to wrist in bright shining metallic skin. “Tom…please tell me you have a full length mirror somewhere…”

“Yeah, hang on, your not quite dry yet, so I’ll bring it over.”

The image staring back at her was glorious. It was as if she had been covered in silver, and polished to a shine. The latex had even formed around her erect nipples, preserving the points for the life of the suit. She turned and looked at her back, round firm cheeks, the curve as they flow into the top of the thigh. She thoroughly enjoyed the look, desperate to see what the final costume would be. “Thomas…can you go ahead and do the make up for me tonight too? Just so I can see…”

“Yeah sure…I did want to add the lights on your legs tonight too…we can do it all but the robe…That will take some time. But we can do the rest.” He seemed to be getting into it more now. He practically ran to get his make up kit and started rummaging through it rather hurriedly.

“Ok…first the face, and I think I have a wig her for you too.” He took a deep breath to slow his hands before applying the grease paint to her face. Time vanished as the two of them began to see the creation they had hoped for come together. With the final tug of the false hair, the initial transformation was done. Angela looked at herself in the mirror as Thomas was attaching the neon trim to her legs. The woman in the mirror was nothing like her at all. The eyes, the jet black hair, the fiery red lips…and the silver skin…how she loved the silver skin. She was beginning to see the attraction men had to the robots and androids in all those space shows.

“Now for the hard part… The power supply for the lights.” Angela had gotten so lost in the idea of becoming a robot that she hadn’t noticed Thomas finishing the lights. She looked to see bright red streams glowing along the sides up to her hips. The wires continued around her hips to a small rectangluar box that he was holding at the small of her back.

“Is that thing going to be back there the whole time?” Angela had decided that if she was going to be a robot geisha, it was going to be damned authentic. “Won’t it give away the illusion?”

“What would you rather I do, shove it up your pussy?”

She grinned lustily at him. “Yes…oh yes…that would be perfect.”

Blinking at the surprise outburst of wantonness, he stammered “Oo…okay…umm ok…I can do that…But let me but it in a case that will be more comfortable up there than this box, and won’t short out if you get wet.”

“Oh Thomas…I owe you for this…this is truly incredible.” She hugged him tightly and then remembered about the latex not being quite dry and let go quickly. “Sorry, I hope it didn’t…”

“No problem” he said, blushing illegal bahis siteleri furiously. “Just glad you like it.”

Angela spent the week researching geishas; the customs, the ceremonies, protocols, everything. She knew she wouldn’t be able to master the life of a geisha in such a short time, but she wanted to do more than just play dress up. When the day of the masquerade arrived, she could hardly wait for Thomas to show up. The knock on the door sent her racing to answer it.

“Thomas? Am I glad to see you!” She nearly pulled him off his feet draggin him through the doorway.

“I’ll say…You’re naked and answering the door. I bet pizza delivery guys love you.”

“Screw you…I just want to get ready now. I want to practice wearing the full costume, everything.” She bounced like a little girl at Christmas, which Thomas watched in obvious enjoyment. “C’mon you pervert, stop ogling and dress me already.”

“Hang on, before you put the suit on, I want to make sure I got your power pack right. I made a few adjustments.” He lifted a dildo out of the box that had two small wires running out of the base. “Here, slip this in.”

Angela looked at it before trying to put it in. About 8 inches long, and what looked like 3 inches thick, smooth and slick, but she wen to her bedroom to get some lube just in case. She poured the clear gel on the plastic, and then slowly pushed it deeply inside her. It took a second to walk properly, the device rubbing her clit with every step. She mumbled to herself that it was going to be an interesting day and made her way back to Thomas and the costume. “It’s a little big, but not too bad. Now lets get everything else together.”

Thomas connected the wires from the dildo to the leads on the suit and she pulled the silver skin over her once again. She loved the tight feeling it had and the way it accentuated every curve she had. Thomas once again applied the makeup and affixed the wig, taking her away from herself and into the geisha-bot. He then held up the kimono that he had created to go with it. The red matched her lipstick and the lights on her legs, but all over it was gold inlaid designs. The sleeves flared at her wrist and the hem was only a few inches away from her cheeks, and had a small slit to her hip that further displayed the edging curve of her backside. When she slipped it on, it felt as if thousands of years of tradition and history of the past collided with the potential and possibilities of thousands of years into the future. And the explosion of their mixture was bound within one woman…her.

Angela took a moment, with eyes closed to slip the last step into the geisha she wanted to be…Yume Onna…the dream woman. When she opened them, she looked again at the mirror, and saw the person she was to be for the night; a woman of beauty, entertainment, music and song. A woman that any man would kill to have her by his side. She pulled on the thin silver gloves Thomas had given her and then turned completely, to examine all facets of her new being in the mirror.

She took a few practice steps, to measure her gait. Between the device deep within her and the high heel ankle boots, she wanted to be able to flow in her walking, not merely stride. She watched and noticed that her legs seemed to be fanning out from her hips. “Thomas? What is this? Why are my legs like this?”

Thomas was startled by the different voice that spoke, but dismissed it. “Its from the lights. I added a piece called a phase shift that makes it look like it trails as it moves…I figured it would give you a better sci-fi look.”

“Its wonderful…Thank you again.” She bowed her head in a slight nod. Suddenly there was a honk out front. Turning to look she saw the limo she had hired to take her to the masquerade. “Wish me luck.” She told Thomas as they left her place.

“Luck love and lollipops” he called over his shoulder.

She sat demurely in the back of the long black car as it slithered through the city streets. Past the city limits and outs toward the edges they went, passenger and driver in silence. The driver cared little for the conversation, and the woman in back waiting to be addressed before speaking. After a 30-minute drive they arrived at the large mansion which hosted the ball.

Yume-Onna bowed to get out of the car and made her way to the entrance. She pulled the invitation from her sleeve and presented it to the doorman. With a nod he ushered her through, and she walked into the large foyer that teamed with life of all kinds of reverie and fantasy. The crowd had its fair share of large flowing capes, harem dancers, gorillas, beaded gowns in feathered masks…she was definitely standing out form the crowd. Head after head turned to gaze as she entered and moved about the rooms. She had brought an unparalleled beauty to the function…as a geisha is supposed to.

The initial survey of the various rooms had been completed and she now went in search of the refreshments. A young woman in a French maid outfit canlı bahis siteleri was carrying a tray of glasses, and Yume-Onna helped herself to one. As she sipped, she nearly spilled the drink as the device in her pussy began vibrating. It was mild, but it was definitely moving. She clamped her muscles around it and held her knees together. It soon passed and she sat down to catch her breath. It took a moment of asking but she found a phone in an empty room and called Thomas.

“What the hell did you do the power supply?!?” The was purely Angela’s as she heard him answer.

“I told you I made some adjustments…”

“I wish you had told me about them…I nearly spilled my drink when the damn thing went off.”

“Ok then..I’ll tell you now it is variable speed. And that first jolt you felt was number 2…it goes all the way to 10.”

“You’re here?!? Where are you, you bastard?”

C’mon Angela, you didn’t think I would do all of this for just one wish…I had to work a little mischief in there somehow…” She could hear him grinning on the other side.

“So I’m subject to your whims through out the night…fine. But if that thing falls out, I’m leaving it where it falls.”She was aroused at the fact that she now under a control of sorts, and the idea of keeping the geisha composure even with buzz in her box made her a little horny.

“No worries there. The suit will keep it snug inside of you, and should even be tight enough to keep your juices from flowing to far down our legs. You’ll have quite the release when you get home tonight though.”

“Too bad you won’t live to see it. If I find you here, you are so dead.”

“You love it and you know it Angela. Now enjoy the party. See you around.” Just before he hung up, she felt the box double its vibrations and then stop again.

“Bastard…” she hung up and went back out into the party. She was horny…between the geisha within her, and the electronics inside her, and the anonymity of her disguise, she felt like wrapping men around her fingers and making them melt in her hands.

Each drink was a careful sip …anticipating more surprises through out the night. They were infrequent…here and there for no more than a second or two. As she was talking to a pirate about the latest movie in the theaters it hit what she guessed was a six. She looked around to see if she could find Thomas in the crowd. And then she saw the man that made her forget her revenge.

He was a samurai. Full armor and a sword at his hip, and he wore a leather mask in the grotesque face she had seen in so many of the books. What fascinated her was that he was all in black, not even shades of dark grays…all black. She excused herself from the pirate and went towards him, Yume-Onna coming more to the surface and Angela hiding behind her.

Once in front of him, she bowed low, in a gesture of deep respect and honor. The samurai nodded his head and she rose to look at his face again. Without speaking a word, he reached out for her hand and lead her away from the crowd. She followed quickly and had to hurry to keep up with his pace. They went out a back door and into a secluded hallway, still darkened as no guest had made their way there yet. The sky over head let the moon light through, its light streaming through the clouds to make deep shadows and pale lights on the walls and floor. Here he stopped and brought her around to face him again.

In the darkness with this stranger, her passions rose to new heights, and she could feel the desire building within her. If only there were some way to get Thomas to turn on the damn device when she needed it. The samurai then placed his gloved hands on her shoulders and began to direct her down to her knees. The concentrations of the neon rope on her legs as she knelt cast a red tint to the carpet, and offered a small attempt at lighting the darkness where they stood.

He then let her go, and placed his hands on his codpiece. He opened it and freed the large erect penis that it had held. Just then the vibrator went off at a level she could hope was ten. She bent forward and took the shaft in her mouth greedily, feasting on the lust before her to satiate her own hunger. Swirling her tongue over the tip, she caressed him with her lips. Then licking from base to tip, she lavished her attention on the sword of the warrior. Light kisses covered his skin, the pale Caucasian skin a contrast in the black costume in the dark shadows. It was all she could see, and all she wanted to see. Her world was nothing more than the flesh before her and her own body responding to the stimulation hard at work.

She could feel him beginning to tense, his explosion on the edge. Opening her mouth wide, she lowered her lips around his cock, easing it further into her mouth, until she had him completely within her. First a few short strokes, then she began sliding from base to tip. As she found her rhythm, the vibrator increased again. Pausing to moan, she sucked hard on the flesh, wanting to ride her own orgasm and pass it through into him. As the first clear drops form, her breathing becomes quicker and deeper. He cums, releasing it all into her mouth, and she tries to hold it in, swallowing so that she can open her mouth and pant out her own release.

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