Mrs. T & The Sales Girl and Me – Dressing Room


Mrs. T & The Sales Girl and Me – Dressing RoomUpon Mrs. T requestI read her this story as she stroked my cockshe did not let any leak out her sexy red lipsI love to shop. It always better to go shopping with someone else. There is nothing more fun then going shopping with Mrs. T. We always seem to have fun. On some occasion we have a little too much fun. I usually buy her what ever she wants. On most shopping trips she buys everything with her husband credit card or cash. She likes to make a game out of shopping sometimes. She likes to make a game out of just about everything. She loves watching Wheel of Fortune. We play this game I lick her pussy every time someone buys a vowel or if she gets the puzzle correct. She sucks me off if I get the puzzles right. Just makes the show more fun.The first time I met Mrs. T. was at Lane Bryant. I sat outside the dressing room. She tried on some hot clothes. I had the sales girl ring up everything. We met later to have some coffee. About a week later I went shopping with Mrs. T. She tried on a whole bunch of outfits. I sat outside and watched her put on a small fashion show for me. It had been that way for a few weeks. We did nothing to out of control, besides maybe kiss and she flashed me once or twice. Nothing to bad that would get us banned. It was just some clean fun.Maybe a month later we went back to the original Lane Bryant at Arundel Mills Mall were we met. It was maybe twenty minutes before closing. We stopped to get something to eat. Mrs. T. wanted to find a new pair of jeans. I suggested going to Lane Bryant to find a pair. She smiled and I followed her to the store in the mall. It was pretty quite on a Sunday. Most of the people were leaving for the day. I was worried we might be to late. But the door was still unlocked as we got to the store. I sat down near the dressing room and waited.It was maybe ten minutes later that I heard Mrs. T. and a young girl come toward the dressing room. I smiled as I saw the young sales girl. I had sat down so quickly that I did not look around the store. She was very cute as she handed Mrs. T. a pair of blue jeans. Mrs. T. was wearing a short a****l print mini skirt. A tight black big open scoop blouse that showed off her large breast. She was wearing some 4 inch a****l print wooden heels. Some of my favorite heels on her. She had on some dark red lip stick that matched her finger and toe nails. She also had a matching a****l print thong and bra underneath. I did not see the thong as she flashed me in my SUV on the way to the mall. I had picked out her outfit from her closet before she got dressed to go out. We were suppose to got the movies but we went shopping instead.The sales girl was young. She was maybe 5 ft 3. She had short platinum blond hair just down to her ear lopes. She had on some big gold hoop earrings. She was wearing a white dress with red flowers on it. They looked like cherry blossoms. The dress hung down to the middle of her thick thighs. She had on some 3inch red platform heels. Both the front of the heels and the back were the some height and width. Her finger and toenails were cherry red. She had on some dark red cherry lipstick. She had maybe 20 black rubber bracelets on both her arms. She had on some black liner around her lips and eyes. She had some big curves under her tight dress. She was more curvier than Mrs. T. in both the breast and the butt.I smiled when she looked over and saw me. Mrs. T. went inside the dressing room. The sales girl walked around the store. I stood up when Mrs. T. came out. The jeans looked like they were painted on her. They were very tight. She looked at me. She could barely breath. “Oh Audrey! Do you have this in a larger size. Maybe one more higher.” said Mrs. T. I saw the sales girl smile. She walked over to get another pair of jeans. She then walked over to Mrs. T. “Here you go. You look very nice in them. Maybe these will be better. Is there anything else I can get for you?” said the sales girl. “I love to try on some different bras and panties. Can you go pick me out some. I would love it Audrey.” said Mrs. T. The sales girl smiled. She turned. I could see her name tag. “Audrey!”I watched Audrey go in the back. “Quick Buck get in here. I need your sexy eyes. Take a look at these jeans compared to these.” said Mrs. T. I looked around the store. It looked empty. I walked in the dressing room. There was a small wooden bench on the opposite side of a big mirror. There was a red curtain that Mrs. T. closed as I sat down. I saw her mini skirt hung on a hanger next to my head. I crossed my legs as I sat and watched her. She undid the top button on her jeans. She shimmed her ass back n forth until they fell around her ankles. She then bent over to pick them up. She had moved her thong back to cover her bald pussy. I smiled as her ass looked amazing in the mirror.She pulled the next pair of jeans up. She put her hand on my shoulder as I pulled her jeans over her ass. I smiled as they fit just as well. But now she could breath. “Oh! Those are hot. I like them. Very nice.” I said. “Thanks Bucky. What do you think about the sales girl. Damn she cute. So young and innocent I bet.” said Mrs. T. “I bet. She is very cute.” I said.We waited a few minutes as Mrs. T. strutted around in the dressing room. She gave me a big kiss and let me squeeze her big breast in her bra. She moaned. A minute later I looked down to see Audrey red heels outside the curtain. “Hello! I found some bras and panties for you. I bahis siteleri hope you like.” said Audrey. “Come on in honey. Oh! Don’t mind him. That is Buck. He was just helping me out. Right baby.” said Mrs. T. “Yes!” I said. “OK! Well he not suppose to be in here. But since you two are the last ones in the store. I guess its alright. My boss just went home. I just pulled down the shades and locked the door. I will have to walk you both out the back of the store to the parking lot. I hope that is OK?” said Audrey. “Sure!” I said.”Let me see what you brought. Oh! Those are very sexy. I love red and black.” said Mrs. T. “I thought you might like them.” said Audrey. “Do you think the jeans are cute.” said Mrs. T. “They fit you real nice. I have a pair to. Let me step out so you can try these on.” said Audrey. “Audrey your OK. I need a girls opion. I also need some help taking off this bra I am wearing.” said Mrs. T. With that Mrs. T. pulled her black blouse over her head. She tossed it over to me. I reached up to hang it on a hangar. Now Mrs. T. was just in her a****l print bra and thong. She moved to her right side on her wooden heels. She smiled in the mirror when she noticed my eyes getting bigger. I moved my hand on the front of my cargo shorts. My cock was now getting harder. It had been a few days since the last time I had sex. It had been about two weeks with Mrs. T.Audrey was standing with her back to the red curtain. Mrs. T. was opposite of her next to a wall. They stood with there side facing me and the big full length mirror. I smiled again. Mrs. T. looked slightly down on Audrey. Both girls bodies shook as Mrs. T. turned around. Audrey reached up to unclasp the 4 hooks on Mrs. T. bra. I shifted my feet in front of me. I put my right leg over my knee. I stayed very quite not wanting to say something that would break the moment. I was hoping Audrey would forget about me for a minutes and help Mrs. T.Audrey took a big black bra off a hangar to hand it to Mrs. T. She then watched as Mrs. T. scooped up her breast to slide on the new black bra. Audrey helped her clasp the back of the bra. Mrs. T big breast squeezed out the top. The bra was just to small. I was not going to say anything. “Mmmm just a bit small on you. I have the same problem sometimes. Try this one instead.” said Audrey. I watched as Mrs. T. turned around again. Audrey small hands and fingers unclasp the black bra. Then she handed Mrs. T. a bigger red bra. Mrs. T. held her breast in her small hands as Audrey moved the bra under Mrs. T. breast and pulled back. She then clasped the big 4 hooks on the back.”Oh that is nice Audrey. You have great taste. I just love it. Buck! What do you think?” said Mrs. T. I gave her a big smile. “I think he likes it Audrey. Do you have any more like this one? Different colors maybe.” said Mrs. T. “Yes! We have black, blue, gold, and white.” said Audrey. “I’ll take one of each honey.” said Mrs. T. Both girls smiled. Next she tried on a yellow bra that was a perfect fit. It made her breast push up. My mouth dropped open. Even Audrey eyes got bigger as Mrs. T. moved around in the changing room. “Here these are the panties that go with the bra.” said Audrey. Mrs. T. pulled down her a****l print thong. She kicked it off with her feet next to the mirror. She grabbed the yellow pair from Audrey right hand. She bent down to slide them on. I watched Audrey eyes follow Mrs. T. hands go up to the front of her bald pussy. I knew Mrs. T. was getting wet. I could tell by the glow around her. Plus she had to steady herself on her heels.”They fit perfect Audrey. I love them. Your a great sales girl. Can I get the matching panties with the bras also. What do you like to wear when you go out?” said Mrs. T. “Mmmm… Well to be honest. I don’t usually like to wear a bra or panties when I go out. Just for work. Nothing to special underneath. As long as everything is supported when I go out. You know how that is?” said Audrey with a big smile. Mrs. T. smiled. “I’m the same way. I’m not a big fan of them either. I work from home now. I don’t have to get dressed up as much as before. I just love your dress. I love the flowers.” said Mrs. T. Both girls made some more small talk. I just watched and kept quite.”Do you have any bras or panties that are a little bit more sexier?” said Mrs. T. Audrey smiled as she walked out of the dressing room. She came back before I could say anything to Mrs. T. “Here try this one.” said Audrey. She had picked out a black fishnet bra and matching thong. My mouth watered. She held it up with her pinkie in front of Mrs. T. face. I saw her eyes get big. “Oh! That is nice. Can you help me try it on?” said Mrs. T. Audrey smiled again.Mrs. T. turned around. Audrey help take off the yellow bra. Audrey took the black fishnet bra and moved it around Mrs. T. waist. She then pulled up catching Mrs. T. big breast in the front. She pulled it tight as she clasped the three hooks in the back. Mrs. T. pulled down her yellow panties. She then watched as Audrey got low on her heels. She put the black fishnet thong around the bottom of Mrs. T. right foot. She then helped her with the left foot. Mrs. T. put her hands on Audrey shoulder as she steady herself. Her big breast hung low almost touching the top of Audrey platinum blonde hair. I almost fainted. I then watch Mrs. T. pull the thong high on her hips.Audrey stood up. She looked up at Mrs. T. The front of Mrs. T. breast were trying to push out the holes in the fishnets. Her pussy canlı bahis could be seen through the small holes in the fishnet thong. My cock ached. I watched as Audrey moved her hands on the side of Mrs. T. bra. She was adjusting the straps to fit better. “How that?” said Audrey. “Very nice! You have such soft hands. This looks really good on me. I’ll take it. God its making me so hot. Is it hot in here?” said Mrs. T. “You look great. You fill it out very nice.” said Audrey.Mrs. T. big fat pink nipple was just poking through the fishnets. My eyes watched as Audrey spotted the same thing. She moved her right hand up to the front of Mrs. T. fishnet bra. She used her tiny index finger on her right hand to rub against the exposed nipple. Mrs. T. let out a soft moan. Next Mrs. T. grabbed the back of Audrey neck. She leaned down to kiss her full on the lips. Audrey shot her tongue inside Mrs. T. mouth. I watched as both girls started to make out. Mrs. T. ran her fingers through Audrey hair. Next Audrey broke Mrs. T. kiss. She started to lick Mrs. T. nipple. She then pinched Mrs. T. left nipple causing it to just peek out the fishnets. She grabbed both of Mrs. T. breast. She pushed them together licking on her big nipples. I moved both my feet on the floor. My mouth was open.I saw Mrs. T. head move back and to the side. She was moaning as the sales gurl licked her nipples. Finally Audrey reached around to let the fishnet bra fall on the floor of the dressing room. Next Mrs. T. spun Audrey around. She unzipped her dress. Audrey moaned as her dress fell down her curvy body. I bite my right finger to cover my groan. Audrey had a small red bra and black panties on. Mrs. T. pulled them off and left them on the ground next to her fishnets. They were both naked. Except for there heels. They stood in front of the mirror. I was about 6 feet away enjoying the view. I waited to get invited. I did not want to assume anything at that moment.Mrs. T. moved Audrey in front of the mirror. “God! I have been wet all night since I came into the store. I wanted to see you naked in front of me sweetie.” said Mrs. T. Audrey moaned as Mrs. T. moved her hands down Audrey back. She then moved them around her side. She stopped on her big hips. She then moved around to fondle her big breast. They were pressed up against the mirror. “I love what your doing to me. I saw you and I had to go lock up. I’ ve never done anyhting like this before. What about your husband over there.” said Audrey. “Oh! No! Buck and I are just really good friends. My husband at home. Buck picked me up tonight for a date. I am so naughty. I love your soft skin. Do you like that honey?” said Mrs. T.She was rubbing her pussy on the back of Audrey ass. Almost humping her. She was breathing in Audrey right ear. “Do you like Buck?” said Mrs. T. “MMmmm! Yes! Is he going to sit and watch all night?” said Audrey. “Maybe! Why do you want him to join us?” said Mrs. T. Audrey shook her head “Yes!” “Arch you back. Stick out that ass for me. I need to give you some spanking. Oh you like that. Smack! Smack! Whack! Whack! Thump! Thump!” said Mrs. T. as she spanked Audrey. She then pulled Audrey hair back. Next Mrs. T. began to use her long nails to scratch Audrey very white skin making it pink.After a few minutes. “Do you want me to stop?” said Mrs. T. She pulled her hand off Audrey big right butt cheek. It was turning bright pink. Audrey moaned and shook her big ass in front of Mrs. T. I smiled. Mrs. T. motion for me to come over. “I think our sales girl been bad. She needs a good hard spanking. Do that side.” said Mrs. T. I began to spank Audrey soft white skin. Her left butt cheek shook as I spanked her soft skin. Than harder as she shook her butt. She looked over her shoulder to see us spanking her. I moved my free hand to reach around to find her big breast smashed against the mirror. I found her big nipple and began to play with it. Audrey moaned very loud this time. I looked down to see Mrs. T. had stuck a finger in Audrey shaved pussy from behind. Her hand was under Audrey ass. She had her middle finger inside Audrey pussy. I could smell her perfume as I kissed her neck. Audrey turned to kiss me on the lips.”Wait! Buck! Your still dressed honey. Audrey help me take off his clothes. Pull off that belt. Just pull his shirt off.” said Mrs. T. Audrey turned around to help take off my clothes. I watched as both girls ran there long finger nails on my chest and abs. “Mmmmmm!” said Audrey. “You can say that again.” said Mrs. T. Both girls had a hold of my white boxer briefs. I could not tell who hands were groping my cock. I then felt some air on my naked skin. “I love when you just shaved them. I see you kept a little for me on top. Audrey wrap your hands around this.” said Mrs. T. She pushed my hard 9 3/4 inches into Audrey hands. Audrey gasped. “Wow! I never!!!!” said Audrey.I watched as both girl got on there heels very low. They squatted down next my legs as I stood in front of them. I felt there hands on my cock. My naked balls. My ass. My thighs, legs and ankles. I could feel there breast rub against my skin. I looked down to see two girls sucking my cock. They each took turns as they passed me from one mouth to another. I moved my hips forward when Mrs. T. had my cock in her mouth. She could get alot more in her mouth then Audrey. Mrs. T. showed her a few tricks to get more of me down in her hot mouth.Next I sat down on the wooden bench. Both girls crawled over giggling. They took turns wrapping güvenilir bahis there big breast around my cock. I held on to the bench. As they used my cock for there pleasure. There hot cleavage milked my cock between there hot breast. Next Mrs. T. got up off the floor. She sat next to me. We began to kiss very hard. She had the back of my head. I felt her lips open as she moved her tongue inside my mouth. I then felt her legs move. I looked down to see Audrey jacking my cock as she moved in front of Mrs. T. Next I saw her open Mrs. T. legs as we were still kissing. Next Audrey began to lick Mrs. T. pussy. Mrs. T. eyes open. She put her hands on Audrey blonde hair. She broke our kiss. I moved my lips down to Mrs. T. large left breast. I began to suck on her nipple. I then turned to have my cock on her thigh as Audrey put her finger inside Mrs. T. pussy. I pushed her big tits together sucking on them as Audrey continued to eat Mrs. T. juicy pussy.After a few minutes Mrs. T. pulled Audrey up onto her lap. She put Audrey knees on the side of her hips. They were making out as I got up. I spit in my hand. Mrs. T. moved her hand to motion for me to fuck Audrey. I saw her Audrey big ass on Mrs. T. lap. Mrs. T. was sucking Audrey breast now. She held Audrey ankles as her butt was perfect aligned for me to fuck her now. I wet my cock again with some spit. I moved behind Audrey. I brought the tip of my cock under her ass. I found her very tight pussy entrance. Audrey moaned and turned her head when she felt my cock at the tip of her pussy. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Shove that big cock in me Buck.” said Audrey. Mrs. T. slapped Audrey big ass and bite down on Audrey nipples.I eased my cock into Audrey hot pussy. It took a few minutes to let her get used to my size. I smiled when she finally relaxed and let my cock go almost all the way in. I began to fuck Audrey nice and slow. She moaned in Mrs. T. ear. I started to pick up the pace. Really fucking her nice and hard. My skin was slapping her big ass. Mrs. T. moaned next. I grunted. They were driving me crazy. It seem like only days ago I sat outside these changing rooms. Now I was inside fucking two very hot girls. Mrs. T. was loving it as much as me.Audrey got off Mrs. T. lap. I got on my knees and crawled over to Mrs. T. She moved my cock into her tight pussy. I really started to fuck Mrs. T. very hard. I got up and was fucking her from the top. Audrey was licking my balls and part of my cock that was not inside Mrs. T. I grabbed Mrs. T. ankles and began to slam my cock in her faster. I felt like a jack hammer going in her. She moaned and them had a big orgasm on my cock. I just love when she cums on my cock. Audrey began to lick her juices from my cock. I stopped for a few minutes to let Audrey feed on Mrs. T. pussy. I then pushed deep inside her. After a few more strokes. Mrs. T. held onto my ass keeping me buried deep inside her. I started to erupted. I grunted. My legs shook. I clinched my ass. Mrs. T. moaned. Audrey started to lick us clean.Next I laid on the floor. Mrs. T. put Audrey pussy on my mouth. She showed Audrey how to sit on my face and smother me. I came up for air after I brought Audrey to orgasm. She clamped her big thighs on my face. I then felt Mrs. T. hot mouth on my half erect cock. She made my cock hard again in no time. I then felt Mrs. T. climb on my cock. Both girls rubbed there pussy on me. I could hear them kissing and rubbing there hands on my chest. They rubbed there chest. I rubbed Audrey big ass on my face.”Pick her up Buck. I want you to fuck her against the mirror. But your back against the mirror. Audrey hold his neck.” said Mrs. T. I picked up Audrey. I pushed her against the mirror. She held on as I bounced her up and down on my cock. Mrs. T. slapped my ass a few times. She then sucked Audrey big fat breast. I started to suck the opposite breast. We then started to suck on her right nipple. Audrey moaned and groaned. I could feel her finger nails on my back. She had lost her grip. Mrs. T. moved to bite Audrey neck. I then felt her legs tighten around my waist. Audrey started to scream. I then felt her pussy orgasm on my cock. She tried to catch her breath. “Fuck! Yes! You made my cum. I never cum like that before. I want your cock in my mouth.” screamed Audrey.I let her down as she dropped to her knees in front of my cock. Mrs. T. jacked my cock into Audrey open mouth. Audrey put her hands to her side. I rubbed my big balls on her chin. She had almost all my cock in her mouth. Mrs. T. kept feeding her my cock as Audrey gagged on it. I then felt Mrs. T. move her finger to my ass. She massaged my butt before putting her finger in my ass. I looked down to Audrey gagging and Mrs. T. finger banging my ass making me moan. I then began to cum down Audrey throat.I stood in front of my SUV. Both Mrs. T. and Audrey were talking on the side of my ride as I looked for my keys. I had two big bags from Lane Bryant. We got the employee discount for the items in the bags. Mrs. T. even had Audrey pick out a matching black fishnet set for her. I took Mrs. T. back to my house for the next couple of nights.About a week later we went back to see the movie at the mall. Mrs. T. pulled out her cell. A few minutes later she stood up to let Audrey sit next to us. They talked through out the movie. They took turns making out with me during the movie. We all went back to my house after. Audrey had brought some bikini to show Mrs. T. But when she found out bikini were optional at my house. She left them in the Lane Bryant bag.Sometimes when were out. Mrs. T. will tell people that Audrey her sister, or daughter, or cousin. Then they will start making out. Just another game Mrs. T. likes to play.Love,Buckxoox

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