Naughty, Dirty Boy…..!


Naughty, Dirty Boy…..!I sneaked out and drove to a local spot where dirty men go looking for cock fun and there is occasional dogging. When I got there were no there cars so I parked up, got changed and waited. It was so exciting to be sat there in my pvc shorts, leather dog collar, black long pvc gloves, fishnet hold up stockings and some cheap black patent high heels. My ball gag was with me too but I didn’t put it in as I really wanted to be using my mouth!! I was so nervous at being seen but after about 10 minutes I decided to get out and have a little walk in the cool evening air to see how it felt. I knew that once out of the safety of the car there would be no way to explain away what I was wearing nor why I was there but I felt I had to do it. It felt so utterly horny to be gently teetering around the secluded car park, heels clicking a little, pvc creaking şişli escort bayan and my cock rock hard in my pvc shorts!After a couple of minutes practising my strut car headlights came down the short track so I started rushing back to my car. I hadn’t realised how difficult it is to move fast in high heels and didn’t get back in time. The car swung in, the beam of the headlights moving round to catch me in them and I was caught! I just kind of froze but the car drove round and parked so the headlights stayed on me. I couldn’t see who was inside it at all but thought what the heck and did a slow sexy walk towards it. I walked up to his window and just stood there as he looked out at me.. I could see he was a guy of about 60. He left me there for so long I was about to walk off when his window went down and his hand came out to rub the bulge in my crotch. meciyeköy escort bayan I tried talking to him but he told me to shut up and not speak unless he spoke to me. I thought then that maybe the ball gag would have been a good idea! As he rubbed my bulge he noticed the leash attached to my collar and reached to take hold of that and pull the end into the car. From that point he had full control of me and I loved it even though my legs were shaking.He was tugging on the leash to hold me close to the window and then he told me to turn around to stroke my pvc covered arse. He made me bend over a little and rubbed all over, giving me a little slap every now and again. I was so excited I thought I was going to cum right there and then. He ordered me to turn around and then I watched him unzip his trousers and pull out his big old hard cock. He took şişli escort the loop of the leather leash and wrapped it around his cock to wank himself with it as I watched. I leaned in a little to touch his cock with my gloved hand and he let me carry on as he held the leash over it and sat back while I rubbed and took a fist to it.As I leaned in the window he was sat back and I was fisting his cock while rubbing my own. I wanted to lean in to suck him but there was no way I could do that at the window. After a couple of minutes of him telling me all sorts of filthy things he grunted and shot his load into my gloved hand. It was a lovely thick gooey cum load and I licked it all off my fingers. He then threw the leash back at me and told me to be back there again soon. He then drove off quickly leaving me there with my cummy glove, my bulging cock and my slutty outfit! I was so turned on that I went over to my car, lay back on the bonnet and rubbed myself off inside my shorts! I secretly wished for someone else to come along while I was there. My biggest fear is that now I need to do it again but take it further this time!

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