self bound to pole for hubby

self bound to pole for hubbyMasterYesterday’s requestI left the note you asked me to leave for my husband detailing that I should be punished for satisfying myself without your permission. The note explained the circumstances for the punishment and that he will find me ready in one of our playrooms. I put the note near the kettle knowing he would probably make a coffee as soon as he arrives home.I went out into our large playroom where the 2 tall upright posts exist. Mostly these posts are used to chain someone in the standing spreadeagle position; there are various loops up and down the length of these posts for bondage. Today I am self binding myself as you requested. Firstly I attached a pair of police cuffs that has a long piece of chain attached to the centre link. I fixed it to one of the post loops so they hung down to around my shoulder height as if I was kneeling. Next I got the police leg irons and padlocked the centre of the chain to a low fixed post loop on the same side bahis siteleri as the hand cuffs. I prepared a piece of carpet, rolling it up so it was 4 foot long and 12” round. I used duct tape to hold the carpet in a roll. I tied this roll of carpet to the post on the opposite side of the cuffs. I used a slip knot so that when untied will cause the roll to fall vertically down.About 20 mins before my husband was due to arrive home I got myself ready. I got out our large ring gag and put it on. This one when place in position behind my teeth holds my mouth wide apart, it’s uncomfortable but works extremely well. I knelt down in front of the post so that I was on the opposite side from the cuffs. I wriggled backwards so that my feet were placed either side of the post and with a bit of bending and twisting lock the cuffs onto both my ankles. Next, I reached back behind me to the other side of the post with an arm either side with some effort I locked both my wrists into the hand bedava bahis cuffs. At this stage I was kneeling facing away from the post with my ankles and wrists locked behind the post. I wasn’t sure if the next bit would work or not but I grabbed the tail of rope holding the carpet in place and kept working it through my fingers until the slip now came undone. The carpet fell down vertically behind my back between my arms. With some wriggling I worked the carpet roll down further until it was jammed behind me now holding me outwards away from the post. I was totally helpless once again. Not the most comfortable of positions but never the less I was helpless. Hubby walked into our playroom some 20 mins later and saw me like this and just smiled. He went out and came back with a basket of clothes pegs. He started to placed pegs all over my body each peg biting into me. Pegs were on my nipples, my labia, anywhere the skin is sensitive. By the time he placed around bedava bonus 50 pegs on me they were hurting, I was grimacing with pain. He pulled the ones off my labia and finger fucked me violently with two of his big fingers working them in and out at a fast rate. My focus now away from the pegs and down to his fingers bought me to orgasm very quickly. His hard finger fucking continued until another orgasm came much bigger than the first, this one making me squirt. Stopping after that he got his favourite leather whip and started whipping me all over to flick the pegs off. When each one came off the sudden rush of blood created a painful sting. Finally, he whips my erect nipples till they were sore and whipped my pussy with upward flicks. My pussy was red and sore, I was squirming with each contact.He finished off by unzipping his fly and his erect cock sprung out of the opening. He put the head of his cock into the ring gag opening and wanked himself. My tongue was touching his cocks head, after a while he pinched my nostrils and shot cum into my mouth, spurt after spurt filled my mouth. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back I could feel his cum running down into my throat and I was gulping trying to swallow it.

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