The Desert Oasis


The sun was beating down mercilessly on James’ shoulders. He gazed blankly out from behind his sunglasses – unable to appreciate the glorious landscape that spread before him for the agonising heat. His t-shirt was soaked through.

Rolling dunes disappeared off in every direction he looked except back. He turned now and ran his eyes over the small oasis he had called home for three days with his daughter Sarah. He smiled through cracked lips and wandered back towards the sounds of splashing water and bleating. He found Sarah down by the poolside making sure the small goat herd got their drinking water. Goodness knows how these creatures survived out here long enough to find this place.

Sarah looked up as her father approached and gave him a smile. It was a smile that said – I may be stuck in the middle of a desert with no hope of escape, but I’m damned if I’m gonna whine about it!

She got that fighting determination from her mother. James got down at the water’s edge and gathered up some of the sweet cool liquid in his hands. He drank a little and then wet his head with it. It felt sublime.

Feeling cooled, he turned to glance again at Sarah. She was following his example and lifting handfuls of sparkling water to pour over her head. James felt an uncomfortable lurch in his stomach as his eyes unconsciously traced the trail of water rivulets down her neck to her tanned cleavage. He jerked his head away sharply and berated himself. That wasn’t the way an Englishman ought to behave – certainly not around his own daughter at any rate!

“How long can we survive out here, papa?” asked Sarah with a sigh and James tried to smile reassuringly.

“Almost indefinitely.” He said and pointed to the lush plant-life around the large pool. “There’s plenty of food here – and water – we’ve even got the goats for meat and milk.”

Sarah seemed to gain a little strength with his words.

“We’ll be OK until we’re rescued then?” she asked and James nodded. He decided not to mention the fact that this oasis hadn’t been marked on any of the maps of the area he’d seen before they’d set off. As unlikely as it seemed – they had found themselves in one of the few oases not used by the local Bedouin on their trade-routes. Help could be a long time in the waiting.

Sarah got up and walked to the make-shift shelter they’d cobbled together from tent-sheets and tree-parts. It grew organically out of the side of the broken-down 4×4 as if an ordinary awning had mated with some hideous monster and this thing had been the result.

It wasn’t pretty – but it served its purpose, or at least, had done for the past three days since their guides disappeared and the Jeep broke down. James was semi-convinced the little rat-faced guide had intended to lure them to their deaths then come back and claim their possessions with none the wiser.

When she came back out into the glaring heat Sarah was carrying a couple of strips of dry-cured goat meat. They’d slaughtered their first on the second day here. James took the meat without enthusiasm but thanked his daughter anyway. He found himself watching her again as he chewed on the tough jerky.

She was very much like her mother had been at her age (19). She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her, lean and toned – yet her rack was incredible – she had to be a D-cup at least. Slim waist, firm rounded little backside… James shook himself. He glared at the goat meat in his hand. It seemed the longer he stayed around the damn animals the more like one he was becoming!

His treacherous eyes wandered as Sarah bent over to watch a fish in the pool. She was wearing a pair of skimpy shorts – they were so skin-tight James felt he could almost see through them. He felt a glimmer of shame as the blood once more thumped into his swelling cock. Shaking his head guiltily he swallowed the last of his meagre meal and headed up towards the spring that sourced the pool. He needed a little space to think.

Sarah felt her father’s eyes on her as she pretended to gaze into the water. Her skin tingled. It was strange to feel herself react this way to attention from her own dad. He was just… well… dad.

He got up suddenly and she turned her head to watch him go. She felt her pulse quicken as her eyes picked out the large bulge tenting his shorts before he turned and headed out of illegal bahis her line of sight.

He had a hard-on! She thought incredulously. – More importantly – he had a hard on because of her! His own flesh and blood!

As much as she tried to pretend to herself it wasn’t so… the thought of it turned her on like nothing else ever had. Think about it – a devilish voice seemed to whisper in her ear – you’re both stuck out here all alone… who would know?

I would, she thought back at herself furiously. It wasn’t enough to dispel the image in her head that now seemed frozen in her mind’s eye. In the vivid vision her father was leaning over her, his tongue on her neck as he held her wrists locked together above her head with one of his big hands and fucked her. It was incredibly intense. Sarah whimpered a little and splashed some water from the pool onto her face. She rolled her eyes heavenwards imploringly.

“Please, god just send someone to rescue us quick!” she moaned almost silently, “Much more of this and something bad is going to happen!”

That evening they sat by the light of the little lamp powered from solar-charged batteries. They talked about home – they speculated over what Sarah’s mom would be doing. Would she even know they were lost yet? How many days till they were supposed to show up in Khartoum? Sarah fell asleep that night counting the brilliant lights of the stars as chill winds swirled sand around the wheels of the Jeep. The battered vehicle was slowly becoming a dune in its own right.

James awoke early. At least, he assumed it was early – it felt early. He didn’t wear a watch and his phone was dead now. It was strangely liberating not to be so constantly aware of time ticking away. Had it been four days or five they’d been here now? Maybe it was six… No… it was definitely four.

The full heat of the day was yet to strike so James took advantage of the coolness to get some chores done. He cleared the brush and debris from the camp-site that had been accumulating. He collected the leavings of the goat and laid it out to dry – he seemed to recall that such stuff was good kindling and if they weren’t careful they’d run out of fuel for fires pretty soon.

When Sarah awoke she found her father laying red/brown rocks out on the yellowy sand.

“A message for the all the planes?” asked Sarah with a wry grin. Not a single vapour trail graced the sky.

“It’s something to do” he replied with a shrug.

Sarah could think of something she’d rather he was doing. Someone, rather. She turned away sharply as she felt her cheeks flush. Where did that thought come from? Not good. Not good at all.

James saw the strange look of frustrated hunger flit over his daughter’s face and felt his heart flip in his chest. Her cheeks reddened and she turned away, seeking an escape from her embarrassment in the shade of the date palms. James dropped the rock he was holding and followed her. He could never say in the years following, just why he decided to follow her at that moment. It was as if something inside him just impelled him forwards. As if his unconscious had just seen a glimpse of what was to come and couldn’t wait for him to get in on the action.

Sarah didn’t hear her father follow after her as she fled back into the relative seclusion of the oasis. She found herself down by the shimmering waterside. A goat was staring at her. That stare seemed hungry to Sarah and it only inflamed her growing arousal.

“Jesus!” she muttered, “I have to do something about this and it has to be now!”

Having reached her decision she glanced about quickly to make sure she was alone. Her father, who had followed close behind found himself ducking out of sight behind a palm. When she turned back to the water James peeked around and had to crush a groan rising in his chest. His daughter had began to undress.

Sarah pulled her flowing blonde hair loose of its practical ponytail and tossed the rubber band she’d been using aside. With a sigh of primal relief she lifted her t-shirt up over her head and cast that aside too. James was guiltily gratified to see she’d stopped wearing bras in the desert heat. Her father didn’t stop to think as his hand slid down to massage the bulge in his shorts as he helplessly watched her slide her shorts and panties down her ankles. He could see her illegal bahis siteleri perfect pink clam – a light dusting of blonde curls… James breathed heavily.

Sarah slowly became aware that the goat’s fixed stare was not the only set of eyes drinking in her nudity. She didn’t really know how she knew – but she was certain that somewhere behind her, her dad was watching her. That he hadn’t announced his presence meant something. It meant he wanted to get a show without her knowing. She felt her full lips twitch into a smile. She’d give him a show all right.

Turning her side-profile towards where she guessed her dad to be she stretched theatrically and gave a little moan of pleasure. The feel of his hot gaze eating up her tanned nakedness was making her soooo wet. Sarah pretended to look around to make sure she was alone then casually stepped down ino the refreshing coolness of the pool. It was a sensual joy.

James stumbled in a daze from where he’d been stood and Sarah looked at him as if in mild surprise.

“Oh! Hello daddy” she said brightly and beckoned him, “why don’t we have a nice cooling dip together?”

Words would no-longer come at James’ beck and call – he walked to the edge of the pool in numb silence. He stared openly down at his stunning blonde daughter’s naked body. The crystal clear water hid nothing. Still saying nothing James began to get undressed.

Sarah kept silent now. This wasn’t a game any more. Her father’s eyes were wide and wild as if some strange madness had come over him – perhaps it had. She lay on her back in the water and spread her legs, watching as her father’s fevered hands tore his shorts open. His masterfully huge prick bounced throbbing into the hot air. Sarah moaned in appreciation – it looked lovely… big and thick and, above all, hard.

“Oh wow daddy” she breathed and she knelt in the shallow water as he stepped hesitantly down into it. The water reached mid-way up his powerfully muscled thighs. They didn’t need to speak to know what was going to happen now. No questions. No hesitations. Sarah took hold of her dad’s rigid cock and stroked it up and down lovingly. James moaned with delight, watching his sweet daughter tentatively extend her tongue to slather his swollen cock-head with saliva.

Is this real? Whimpered a little voice inside Sarah’s head. Yes! Came the resounding reply. This taste of manly precum dripping from her father’s cock… this proud stiff meat filling her mouth… nothing had been as real to her in life before this moment. This was her moment of completion – who’dve thought giving head to her own dad would have been such a revelatory experience?!

“Oh god yes baby!” moaned James as his daughter lovingly slid his thick meat in and out of her warm wet mouth. Her tongue lathed every inch of his swollen prick adoringly as she moaned and slurped and slathered over his meat. She was entranced by her dad’s dick. He stroked her blonde hair back from her face so that he could look into her pretty blue eyes as she sucked him off. There was no denying it – his own daughter was giving him the best blow-job he’d ever had!

In his extreme state of excitement James cannot be blamed for climaxing pretty damned quickly that first time. He barely stopped himself collapsing as he threw back his head and roared out his passion. Thick ropes of potent seed jetted forcefully straight from his spasming prick-head into the waiting mouth of his horny young daughter. Sarah swallowed what she could of her dad’s tasty sperm as it shot onto her tongue, but it was too much for one girl to handle and much of it spilled down her chin onto her heaving breasts. It was a sight to behold.

“Holy fuck!” breathed James as he sat down to do appreciate that vision of sin. He stared at his cum drenched daughter in disbelief – a half crazed grin on his crossed his face. He was in a state of shock. He’d been beating himself up over his stray lascivious thoughts about his daughter only to find out the filthy little slut wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Sarah gathered her dad’s cum up with her fingers and lovingly licked them clean. She moaned with melodramatic pleasure at the taste, knowing her dad would love the show. His rapidly hardening prick told her just how right she was on that account.

Slowly Sarah stood, the water dripped and glistened canlı bahis siteleri off her bare skin as she stepped towards her father with deliberate, teasing slowness. James lay back on the bare rock as his teenage daughter giggled and straddled his hips. The throbbing shaft of his cock was pressed against the hot wet heat of her tender young pussy-lips. He moaned as she ground herself down on his hardness with a sinful shiver of pleasure.

James’ hands slid up her firm young thighs to her slim waist, then up to her large rounded breasts. They were perfect, pendulous globes of flesh, her nipples were small and hard as bullets beneath his fingers.

“I’m going to do it, daddy” she moaned and lifted her hips. James let his wondering eyes drift down her perfect body as he felt her graceful small hand encircle his shaft and lift his prickhead to the entrance of her dripping young pussy.

“Yesssssss!” he moaned, squeezing her firm tits in his hands as she slid firmly down on his shaft.

Sarah whimpered with pleasure as she sank down on her dad’s stiff prick. She couldn’t take her eyes from the point where his cock was slipping snugly up inside her. It was the most intensely erotic thing she’d ever seen. That’s my dad’s dick going in me! Her mind was screaming. I’m fucking my own father!!

… and it was gooooood! Sarah rolled her hips, lifting herself then slamming herself back down with growing urgency. He filled her up perfectly. It was a fit made to match. She growled hungrily down at her dad as his hands slid back down to grope her firm round ass cheeks. He was beginning to match her rhythm, pumping his mighty cock up into her repeatedly. His breath came fast and hard. Father and daughter shared a wild grin as they fucked for the first time.

Sarah leaned down and for the first time, pressed her lips to her father’s – a lover’s kiss. James groaned into his daughter’s warm wet mouth as her darting tongue slid against his. She tasted how a woman was supposed to taste – of sweetness, sweat and sex. Her pussy clasped his sensitive prick like it was made for the task. Hot, wet and tight; a silky smothering warmth that massaged and squeezed at every swollen inch of him delightfully.

Their lips parted and they breathed together – staring intently into one another’s eyes as they fucked. James couldn’t hold back his rising need any longer. Growling savagely, he lifted his nubile daughter bodily and dumped her on her hands and knees, shoving her into an unceremonious doggy position. Sarah curved her back coquettishly and blew her lustful father a sultry kiss over her shoulder.

James, plunged his rigid tool between his daughter’s thighs once more, and grasping her firm buttocks began to fuck her to within an inch of her life. Sarah’s screams of orgasmic passion rang shrilly throughout the oasis.

“Oh jesus daddy, fuck me like that!” she cried, thrusting her hips back towards him. The obscene slap slapping of her father’s hips hitting her ass-cheeks filled the air. “Yes daddy! I love your big dick, daddy!” she screamed.

James felt the moment she began to cum in earnest. Her pussy clamped tightly to his dick and she began to shudder and shake as wails and whimpers escaped from her parted lips. That extra pressure was all that he needed to drag him to climax with her. James hunched over his young daughter’s quivering back as he plunged his big prick balls deep inside her moist pussy and spurted a torrent of hot incestuous sperm into her fertile womb. He moaned weakly and kissed the sweat-salted skin of her bare shoulder as his hands gently cupped and fondled her breasts.

“I love you, sweetheart” he moaned into her ear and Sarah giggled breathlessly – she could feel the last of his cum still shooting from his spasming dick deep inside of her.

“I love you too daddy” she murmured, and suddenly wondered at the new and unfamiliar hope that was flickering in her belly. No condoms, no pill… she could get pregnant from this! She shivered in pleasure at the thought. Pregnant with daddy’s baby! If she wasn’t pregnant this time, she was going to have to make sure he fucked her until she was – she wasn’t going to take no for an answer…

They fucked on through the day and on into the night that first time together in the desert. They couldn’t get enough of each other – the sex was too good to stop until it became too painful to go on. In the end, their rescue was a long time in coming and when it came it was all too soon. As to Sarah’s ambition to have her daddy’s baby? Well, that tale will have to wait till next time…

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