The new neighbors wife – Nikki Cuckold


The new neighbors wife – Nikki CuckoldMy sex life was diminished to jerking off to xHamster and the occasional strip club visit after my wife died last year. This was soon to change…Nikki and Rich have lived in the house next door for over six months, but I never really got a chance to meet them beyond the occasional wave or hello. Nikki was a hot brunet with a petite athletic build, this means smaller tits which I just love. I did notice that it always looked like she neglected to wear a bra when Rich was not around. It was easy to imagine that she had no underwear on either under her shorts, pretty sure I caught glimpse of a camel toe once, but could not be sure. Rich appeared to travel a lot for business, but he was always home on the weekends working around the yard and in the garage. One friday I came home from work in a very good mood and saw Nikki in the front yard getting ready for a garage sale. I thought this was my chance, so instead of opening the garage door, I parked in the driveway. When I got out of the car, Nikki immediately asked, “Can you give me a hand moving a sofa into the garage?”. I followed her up the steps into in the garage into the laundry room and could not help, but stare at her but under very tight exercise shorts…no panty lines anywhere to be seen! After carrying the sofa, into the garage she offered me a beer. How could I refuse? While she went to the house to get the beer I sat on the couch thinking about buying it for my basement. When she returned she sat down right next to me, and I me leg to leg, arm to arm next to me! We chatted for a while, and she mentioned that her husband Richard would be home in a little bit and said that he would really like me, and we should meet. The chat seemed to carry a mixed messages, both her obvious flirting with me and then wanting me to meet her husband. This had my mind going off with countless fantasies, that I was curious how this would all play out. Just then Rich pulled up, and after introductions they said they were going to throw some things on the grill and şişli escort bayan if I could join them for dinner. How could I refuse?While Rich made us all Long Island Iced Teas, Nikki prepared asparagus and trout to put on the grill. Rich and I headed out to the deck to heat up the grill. He asked me if I had a wife or girlfriend, and went through the story of my wife dying, and his first response was, “we need to get you laid”. My first thought was he was thinking about setting me up with one of his wife’s friends, but the thought of fucking Nikki also crossed my mind. After Dinner and a few more Long Islands I decided it was time to go. I gave Rich a handshake, and Nikki came up to me with her back to Rich and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the neck. As I walked away I also realized that she had grabbed my ass during the hug. As I was almost to my door, Nikki came running up and said that Rich wanted her to get my phone number so we could get together soon. I said that would be great, and after giving it to her she pressed her body against mine to give me another hug, but also planted her mouth on mine. It did not take more than a few seconds of making out for my cock to start getting stiff. Nikki commented, “it is good to see you are a fast riser”, reached down and gave my cock a squeeze and went back home. I could not help to stare at her tight small ass as she trotted home. She turned around and busted me then we both just smiled.My least favorite time of the week has always been Sunday evenings, I guess my time is spent thinking about all the things I did not get done over the weekend, and all the stuff that was going to require attention at work on Monday morning. So when I got a Text from Nikki asking for me to come over Sunday around 3:00pm I was pleasantly surprised.Not sure what to expect Rich met me at the door and said he and Nikki wanted to talk to me about something. I suspected that he may have seen Nikki kiss me and though this may be a very bad thing. All fears were gone when I walked into the living room meciyeköy escort bayan and there was Nikki watching a porn flick of two guys DP a girl. Nikki turned down the volume and asked me to sit on one side of her on the couch while Rich sat on the other side. They told me that they had always wanted to try a threesome, but had never found the right person…until now. Rich asked me if I would fuck Nikki, but there was one condition he must be in the room when it happened. I have always wanted to be part of a DP, but never have had the opportunity. My explanation was a little toned down, I just said that I have always fantasized about a threesome. Nikki immediately turned toward me and started to kiss me. After some time of us kissing while both Rich and my hands wandered all over Nikki’s body, I had an Idea. Back in high school we used to share girlfriends in a game called “slut’s orders” the way the game would go is that we would take turns spinning a bottle and the nearest girl it pointed to would stand up in the middle of the group with her boyfriend sitting in front of her in a chair watching. The girl would tell guys to do things to her and the boyfriend would drop his pants and jerk off. If he came before the “slut” he would need to suck cum from her cunt after she was fucked. After telling them about the game, Nikki said that sounded like fun and Rich added she always did make a good slut.Nikki and I stood up and Rich pulled up a kitchen chair and sat about 3 feet in front of us. I took Nikki and faced her at Rich with me behind. As the game goes, Nikki was to tell me what to do to her, and how it was making her feel. The first thing she said, is to grab her tits. I slipped my hands under her shirt from the bottom and started caressing her tits. Rich immediately pulled out his cock and started jerking off. He had a black shirt on, and all I could think about was how that shirt was going to look once I started fucking Nikki. After a little while of caressing Nikki said her pussy was getting wet needed fingering. şişli escort I unzipped her tight shorts, and stuck my hand down them she was as wet as a girl can get. Pretty sure there had to be a wet spot in the front of her shorts that Rich could see. After stuffing two fingers up in side of her she reached around behind and started rubbing my cock that was sticking out through the leg of my shorts. LIke Nikki I did not wear underwear either. I could tell Rich was getting very turned on as well. His cock had grown much larger that it was initially. Nikki told me she wanted me to fuck her, my first response was “what about protection”. Rich asked “are you clean” after answering yes Rich said “take the bitch bareback”. As soon as I heard this Nikki bent over with her head resting on Rich’s knee and pulled her pants down with both hands. How could I resist, and my cock was in her pussy in a microsecond. Immediately Rich started cumming, my prediction was correct and his black shirt was soon covered with Rich’s cum, he even hit himself in the hair and eye. Nikki’s response was “sure hope you will like the taste of his cum honey”. Nikki’s pussy was tight and she had great muscle control, after a while fucking her bent over I sat down on the couch and she faced me and sat on my cock. I could not resist her tit’s in my face, and soon had a nipple in my mouth. With my hands on her ass I started to stick one finger up her ass Nikki said, I am about ready to cum. Soon my balls were dripping from her juices. I could not take this any longer and unloaded in her already wet cunt. As soon as this happend rich was laying on the floor with his head against the couch ready to clean Nikki. She got off my dick and the cum was dripping all over Rich’s face. Nikki sat right down on his mouth, and bent over to clean the remaining mess off my dick and balls with her tongue. I could tell that Nikki was getting close to cumming again and she started whispering nonsense into my ear as Rich was eating her out. The only thing I remember is her saying something about “cluster breeding”. Later that night when I got home I tried to Google it, but even The Google did not know what this meant. My guess was it may be some test tube baby technique, but would have to wait until our next encounter to find out… stay tuned.

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