What Lies Beneath


What Lies BeneathIntroduction:Hey howdy, loyal fans. Yet another twisted tale of shenanigans from a hooligan. I’m still working on The Collar 2 and it will be up pretty soon.Marcus smoothed the piece of fabric onto his sister’s pillow. He slid the pillowcase back into place, and re-made the bed, arranging her teddy bear back the same way it had been. Perfect. The fabric he had put there was woven with micro thin wires. His laptop was connected wirelessly to the device, and it would send subliminal suggestions to his sister while she slept. It would also monitor her brain waves and send the appropriate signals when she was in the various stage of sleep. She was conservative in her dress and repressed emotionally, and he wanted to see if he could get her to open up a little. Her driving need for excellence, to be the best, was the most overwhelming facet of her personality and it was hindering her social life. She HAD no social life, not really. She didn’t have any close friends. She even competed against her own team-mates on the track team. He had talked to her about this a little, and knew she was open to the idea of change, but to open up and trust someone, to let them in, that terrified her.Marcus thought to first get her to open up to him, then eventually to others as well. The most obvious trigger to use was sex, and as she was an otherwise healthy sixteen year old girl, her sexual mind was going to be in constant turmoil once it was awakened.He let her sleep on it a week, monitoring and programming her sleep. She had no idea what he was doing, but he asked her subtle questions and was pleased at her answers and progress over the week. Monday, she woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, despite a night of vividly lucid dreams. She wasn’t wearing clothes in her dream; she was naked, but strangely, this didn’t trigger the shame feelings. It triggered her sexual feelings, making her horny. She knew someone was coming, about to open the door and come into the room with her. She nearly writhed in anticipation in the dream, and all that day, she glanced at closed doors, half expecting one to open and HE would walk through.Tuesday, again she had the dream, except she was wearing a type of filmy, gauzy lingerie in a shade of pink she didn’t know existed. She knew it was what HE had chosen for her to wear, so she was wearing it. Anything for HIM on this special night! And she did look nice in it, the cut of it designed to accentuate what wasn’t there on her yet.Later that day, when she was looking idly at the kitchen door from the table, she got a deja vu when her brother pushed it open and came toward her. “Are you okay, Miranda? You look like you saw a ghost.” he commented, and that was the end of it. Except she couldn’t shake the eerie feeling all night, and it followed her into her dreams.The door opened and Marcus came in, looking at her with stunned wonderment in his eyes. Her heart nearly melted at that look.”You wore it!” he said, delighted. He came across the room quickly and hugged her.”Marcus, you picked this out for me?” she asked incredulously. Her brother wanted her to wear this? “Why would you want me to wear this?””So I can take it off you.” he whispered into her ear. He kissed her neck, and it was the most incredible thing she had ever felt in her life. All the anticipation had been for this, and it was her brother, but there was no denying the feelings she was having, either. She resisted the feelings for a long moment, but when she finally gave in to them (this is just a dream; go with it) the flood of orgasms that washed over her were like none she’d ever had before.The next morning, she had a slight neck ache, as if she’d slept wrong. Marcus noticed her wincing at the breakfast table as their mother went through the door on the way to work. She was a waitress at the local diner, about the only respectable job a single mother could get. She took all the shifts she could get, even breakfast.”You okay, Miranda?” he asked his sister.”I think I dreamed wrong or something.” she said, rubbing her neck. “My muscles are really tight.””Let the magic fingers of your big brother Marcus help you with that.” he said, moving behind her chair. He gently placed his palms on her neck and smoothed them downward.”Ohh…” she sighed. “That feels good already!” He ran his fingers down both sides of her spine, starting at the base of her skull and down her neck, over and over. “Ohh, that’s so nice. You really do have magic fingers.””Oh my God, it’s just like the dream!” she thought to herself. She could feel the tingles from his hands in her nipples and pussy.”Lean your head back now.” he said. He pulled the collar of her blouse open a little, beginning to slide his hands down the shirt and onto her chest, but she bolted out of her chair.”Thanks, Marcus, I feel a lot better now.” she said, nervously pulling her blouse closed and fastening the top two buttons. It was her first time wearing something so revealing, even though it was still quite conservative compared to what most of the other girls wore to school.By Friday, her thick sweatshirts and baggy jeans were totally gone, replaced with full skirts and long sleeved blouses, which was a huge milestone for her. They even had color other than black and crimson. Her mother was the same size and had agreed to let Miranda start dressing out of her closet until the next shopping day.He also caught her checking him out once, on Thursday, and purposely flaunted his crotch at his sister, letting her see him looking at her eyes as he gave her a knowing smirk, which disconcerted her to no end. She bore it in silence, though, never telling their mother about his slightly untoward behavior. Mother was just happy to finally see Miranda coming out of her shell and being a girl.When he felt her subliminal conditioning was ready, he sat in the living room and started watching TV with her. She was immediately suspicious.”What are you doing? You know I’m going to be watching The Walking Dead tonight. I don’t care if Wrestlemania is on. You know I always watch my shows.””Yeah, I didn’t want to talk you about the TV.” he said, ignoring her barb about Wrestlemania. When they were younger, he had heard some of his friends talking excitedly about Wrestlemania, so he begged and pleaded his Mom and sister for the TV the night it was on. That was back in the day when there was only one TV in any house, and he was mortally embarrassed to see grown men acting like cartoon characters in ridiculous costumes.”Remember what we talked about last week? Getting you to open up and make friends?” he asked her quietly.”Yeah, I’ve thought about it too.” she admitted, muting the inevitable ads between shows. He had ignored the taunt, so obviously he wanted to talk about this seriously.”I’ve decided that I feel okay with the fact I don’t make friends easily.” she said, finally.”Do you?” he asked. “Aren’t you even a little bit lonely?” He looked her in the eye. “Miranda, talk to me. You can trust me. I’m your big brother.””Oh, Marcus, what do you want me to say? That I’m heartbroken that nobody is going to ask me to the Prom?” she said bitterly. “Well, guess what, I’m glad none of those idiots we go to school with have ever shown interest in me. They can have their bimbo airhead sluts, too.” she sniffed.”And you would never stoop to their level.” he said, nodding knowingly. “But still, surely you wonder, well, what it would be like… to have boyfriend? To try some of the stuff like they do? Surely you must know they enjoy it.””What, you mean kissing and stuff? God no!” she said, giggling. “I mean,, yeah, I think about it sometimes, but not, well, you know, too much.””I know what you mean.” he said. “If I think about it too much, it gets all…” he gestured at his groin, “Then I have to… you know.”She giggled again. “You still do that? Even after all the girls you’ve been with?””Not every girl goes all the way.” he said truthfully. “Most of them only go partway and suck it, and some of them I’ve been with just finish me off with their hand, but the worst are the teases. They let me feel them all up, I even get my hands under their shirt and bra. One girl even got me out of my pants, after we’d been making out for well over an hour, then changed her mind and asked me to take her home. I was harder than I ever had been before, because she was so pretty and led me on like that… I was in a bad way, if you know what I mean. I just won’t be dating Cindy Crossman ever again.””What did you do?” Miranda asked, breathless. This was the most she’d ever talked about sex in her life. She’d read everything she could find, but nothing like this, about real people doing it.”Your show is on.” he said, gesturing towards the TV.”Finish your story.” she said, turning off the TV with the remote without even looking at it. “What did you do?””I took her home, then I came home myself.” he said, blushing. “Do you remember the other night when you asked me to hurry up in the bathroom?”She giggled again. “I knew that’s what you were doing!” her eyes sparkling, but then she sobered up. “I just didn’t know why. I’m sorry, Marcus. I didn’t know…””Just promise me one thing, Miranda.” he asked. “Promise me you won’t be one of them, leading a guy on and getting him all hot and bothered, then shutting him down. Promise me you’ll never do that to someone? It’s horribly cruel…””What did she do you you? What happens if you don’t get to… finish?””It kinda hurts a little, mostly it’s just really uncomfortable until I can…take care of myself.” he said, blushing.”I promise, Marcus, what she did to you… I’ll never do that to anyone.” Miranda bit her lip. “Marcus? There’s just one thing I don’t know…””What is it, Miranda? A smart girl like you has a question?”She cleared her throat nervously. “You said some girls only went partway and s-sucked on it.””Yeah, that’s the best ending to a date there is.” he sighed, leaning back with his hands behind his head. “I think I might like that better than going all the way.””How do they… I mean, what’s it li-” Miranda stuttered. Marcus looked over at her. “Do they like doing it? That’s one subject the books aren’t very clear on. I don’t know how it’s done.””Do you really want the answer to that question, Miranda?” he asked her in his strongest voice. “You really want me to answer that question for you?”She met his gaze and wet her lips nervously. “Yes.” she whispered.”Are you going to do everything I tell you to do? That’s what you want, isn’t it?””I…” she licked her lips again. “I don’t know. It’s naughty…””Stand up.” Marcus said. He looked her up and down.She looked relieved as she complied, happy to have the choice taken away from her, but then, as his eyes lingered on her, she wished she’d worn more. All she had on was an extra large T-shirt and her panties, and she felt shy as he stared..”Are you wearing a bra, Miranda?” he finally asked her.”No, I never do. They aren’t big enough for me to need one yet, but they’re growing.” she said, blushing.”Let me see them.” he told her. “Show me your tits.” She looked at him, shocked.”Marcus, you’re my brother!!” she whispered. “I… shouldn’t.””Do what I say.” he ordered. “Take off your shirt and show them to me.””Ohh, this is so naughty.” she whispered, sliding one arm out of the sleeve.”Turn around and hide them with your hands before you take it off, Miranda.” he said. “Tease me with them. You know how to be naughty, don’t you?.She did as he said, slipping her other arm down inside the shirt and turning around before lifting it and showing him her perfect ass, clad only in sheer white satin panties.She turned back around, hands crossed over her chest and looked at him. “I know how to be naughty.” she said, moving her hands around, teasing him with glimpses of her nipples. “Is this what you want? Like I’m on stage and you’re the audience?””That’s just right.” he smiled at her, watching her prance around and shaking her little boobs at him. “Come closer.” he said, so she approached his recliner. “Kneel down and look up at me.””You like this, don’t you, Miranda? You like doing what I say, don’t you?” he asked her, standing up. “You like being naughty like this.””I… I don’t know.” she answered, meeting his gaze. “I guess a part of me does, or I wouldn’t be doing this, but another part of me is telling me to get up and run screaming to Mom.””You didn’t know you had all this naughty inside you, did, Miranda?” he asked, smiling a little. “Well, I did. I always knew you had this side to you, even if you didn’t.””You did?” she whispered. “How come I didn’t know?””Are you sure you didn’t know?” he asked her, sitting back down on the edge of his recliner. “Time to be a little more naughty, Miranda. Take your hands away and let me see you.” he said. “Slide them down your belly and let me see your tits.””Oooh, noooo!” she moaned, doing as he asked. She even arched her back and thrust them out for him. “Why are you making me do this? I feel like such a slut right now!” She ran her hands up and down her body, squeezing them together and showing what little cleavage she had to him, shaking her shoulders to give them a wiggle.”I’m not making you do anything, Miranda. I’m not making you feel anything, either. Come closer.” he said. “I’m only helping you see what been inside you all along.””Unngh, oh, god, every time you tell me to do something, it feels really good to obey.” she said, shuffling forward on her knees. “This isn’t natural!””Closer, Miranda.” he said, opening his legs to either side of her. She moved in between them. “It doesn’t feel natural because you’re fighting it; let go and be the slut we both know you are. Then it will feel like the most natural thing in the world.””Now, quit staring at my cock and look up at me, Miranda.” he said. She quickly looked up, blushing.”I-I wasn’t…” she stammered.”Look at me, Miranda. You promise not to tease, right?” he asked. She nodded. “Let me hear you say it.””I promise I’m not a tease.” she said clearly.”You’re gonna do everything I tell you, right?” She nodded again, her eyes big. “Let me hear you say it!””I’ll do everything you tell me to do.” she promised.”Now, have you ever seen a cock before?” he asked.She giggled. “I saw yours once, when you were peeing.””If I was peeing, then it was soft. Soft ones are called penises; hard ones are called cocks.” he explained. “Mine is very hard right now, because I saw your titties. They are very beautiful, Miranda, You shouldn’t be shy of letting me see them. It makes my cock hard. Have you ever seen a cock before?” She swallowed hard and shook her head, her eyes locked on the bulge in his shorts. “Nope, not by that definition.””Well, you’re about to.” he grinned. “Close your eyes, then reach your hands up and pull my shorts down. Take them all the way off my feet, then sit back up here and look at me. At my face, Miranda. I’ll be hiding it with my hands, so no fair peeking.””Okay.” she said, closing her eyes. She reached up and slipped her fingers into the waistband of his shorts. He lifted his hips and let her slide them off, then picked up his feet so she could get them all the way off.”Look at me, Miranda.” he said, seeing her open her eyes when she was done. Her eyes flicked to his hands over his groin, but then she was looking into his eyes. “Hands behind your back, chest out.” he ordered. She obeyed, thrusting her little tater tots at him proudly.”If you do everything I tell you to do, you’re going to be the best at this. I’m not expecting perfection right now, as I realize this is your first time, but I do expect a good effort. Understand?””Wait, I thought you were just going to tell me how to do it! You mean I have to…” Her eyes flicked to his groin. “In my mouth?””Yes.” he said firmly. “l going to teach you how to suck cock.” he explained. “That’s what you wanted to know about, and its not exactly something you can learn from a book.””Okay.” she said, resigning herself. leaning forward and reaching out with both hands. “I promised I wouldn’t tease, and I got you all hard by showing you my breasts, so I’ll help you finish.””Hey!” he said, stopping her with his voice. He hadn’t taken his hands away from his crotch yet. “Sit up, hands behind your back!” he said, taking his hands away. “Just look at it for a minute, then, when you’re ready, slowly lean forward and lick it, starting at the base and go all the way up to the head, but not onto it. No hands, just your tongue. Do that a few times, then take just the head in your mouth and suck on it. Go down on it as far as you can, then slide back up until just the head in between your lips. You can keep doing that if you like, or you can sit up and look at me if you want to stop.””Okay, I’m ready.” she said nervously. “Do I have to keep my hands behind my back?””This first time you do.” he said. “I want you learn to use your mouth, not cheat with your hands.””Okay, Marcus.” she said. She bent forward, leaning her lower belly against the recliner, looking at him close up for a long moment. She inhaled, smelling the musk of him, then bent her head low and licked up the underside of it.It jumped at her touch, and reflexively she recoiled back, giggling.”Suck on it, Miranda!” he gasped.”But I thought you said to lick it first?” she said.”Never mind all that!” he said. “Open your mouth and suck it!”Dutifully, she bent her head back down and took the head of it between her lips. She heard him groan with pleasure and felt his hand şişli escort bayan caressing her hair.”Suck on it, Miranda. Take some more of it into your mouth and suck on it, gently.”he coached. “That feels really good, what you’re doing. Keep going.”She went down to about halfway on it, then started to bring her head back up. Gentle pressure from his hand kept her down there, so she kept it in her mouth and continued sucking on it lightly.”Oh, yeah, baby, just like that, so good. Can you go deeper?” he asked.He felt her straining to get more of him into her mouth, but she gagged a little and drew back.”That’s okay, you’re doing fine.” he said quickly, stopping her from lifting her head with his hand. “Just keep going; what you’re doing feels great. I didn’t expect you to be able to deep throat in this position anyway. We’ll get to that later.”She lifted her head up until just the head was in her mouth, then sucked on it as she went back down. She knew he wanted her to take more of it, so she went back down on it as far as she could, probably a little more than half of it. She was rewarded with another of his little groans and smiled to herself, knowing that she was doing a good job. A few more times like that, and he stiffened in his chair.”Get ready, Miranda, here it comes! Swallow it all down like a good girl! Here… it… COMES!!!”Miranda felt his cock throbbing for a moment, then it was shooting hot sticky fluid that instantly coated the inside of her mouth. She tried to draw back,but he had both hands in her hair, holding her right in place as he shot off.”Swallow it, I said!” he ordered, seeing some drooling out the corners of her mouth. She obeyed, slurping it back into her mouth and drinking it down.When he was finished, he let her go, and she sat up right away, wiping her chin with the heel of her hand.”God, Marcus, you didn’t tell me about that last part.” she said reproachfully. “A little warning would have been nice.””You didn’t know what happens when a guy comes?” he asked. “I thought you knew all about the birds and the bees.””I didn’t know there was going to be so much of it!” she giggled. “Was that sperm?””It sure was.” he said proudly. “And you just swallowed it, too, didn’t you?””Well, you told me to.” she said. “Wasn’t I supposed to?””You did it perfect!” he said. “That was one of the best blowjobs I ever had.” he said truthfully. “I’ve never had a girl who swallowed it for me before. It felt every bit as great as I thought it would.”Miranda looked a little sick. “The other girls… don’t swallow it?” she asked, wanly.”No, most of those bitches are cum-dodgers.” he told her. “At the first sign of me coming, hell, if I even moan too loudly, they back right off and quit. Most of them finish me with their hands, keeping their faces well away form what is going to be shooting out.”Then why did you make me…?” she asked. “If the other girls don’t finish by swallowing, then why did I have to?””Because my sister is the best at everything she does.” Marcus told her. “And if I’m training my sister to be a slut, she’s going to be the best slut ever!””I’m not a slut, Marcus!” she said, horrified. “I’m not!!””Really?” he smiled. “What else do you call a girl on her knees, topless, with her brother’s come still smeared all over her face?”Dawning realization broke over her face as his words hit home. “Oh, no!” she sobbed, hiding her face in her hands. “Oh, no, I’m one of those filthy sluts!””Hey!” he said sharply. “They aren’t ‘filthy’ sluts, and neither are you! I like sluts, and there’s nothing wrong with you being one of them! Understand?””No, Marcus, they’re stupid and shallow and cheap. I’m not a slut like them; I’m NOT, so don’t call me that!””Well, of course, not like them.’ he said disdainfully. “Well, mostly not. They get on their knees and fuck and suck just like you, come smeared chin and all, but you’re not cheap and shallow.” he told her. “You suck cock better than other sluts, in fact, which kinda makes you a bigger slut than they are, doesn’t it?”She blushed and ducked her head, surreptitiously wiping come off her chin.”You’re still the girl that won State 100 meter hurdle and took top honors at the Science Fair. My cock isn’t going to change that.” he said. “What we do alone has nothing to do with any of that. You can still go to college.””But-“”They don’t have to know that you’re a cum-guzzling whore who takes it in the ass when you accept the awards next week, unless you mention it in your acceptance speech. Actually, that would make a nice theme for your Valedictorian speech, don’t you think? The merits of being a submissive?”Marcus! No one can know about this!” she gasped. “It would ruin both of us!””Yes, it would, so if I ever catch you being a slut for anyone else…” he left the threat hanging. “You are my slut, and mine alone. You understand? I’m the only one who can protect you. I love you, little sister, and if someone ever told you to hurt someone, or yourself…” He kissed her forehead. “You trust me, don’t you, Miranda? I trust you.””Yes, Marcus.” she sniffled. “You don’t hate me for being a slut? I mean, that’s part of what makes all those other girls so cheap, is knowing that they do all the filthy things with boys. Now you have me doing all the things I only ever suspected before. You tell me I’m going to like being a filthy little slut like them, and I’m scared you’re right.””Oh, no, Miranda, I could never hate you, baby sister!” he said. “And now, I think it’s time for your next lesson.””My next lesson? Marcus, haven’t we done enough for one night?” she asked. “I mean, look at me. I’m a mess!””You look beautiful.” he said, getting to his feet. “And you still have a lot to learn, little sister.” He reached out to her and helped her to her feet. “Come on, get up.”Once she was standing, he moved her to the back of the couch. “Put your hands there, and there.” he said, then moved her feet apart until they were about shoulder width apart.”What are you doing?” she asked, curious. His hands went onto her hips, then slid up her ribs and cupped her breasts. She hissed in a breath. “Oh, that feels nice!””This lesson is all about showing you all the pleasure your body can experience.” he said, kissing the back of her neck. He slid his hands back down to her hips, then knelt behind her as he lowered her panties to the floor.”Marcus, I-” she started to say, but he shushed her.”No, Miranda, shh. Just be quiet, baby. Trust me.” he said, pulling her feet out one at a time.”Marcus, OHHH!” she gasped, feeling his hands run up the inside of her thighs, pushing her legs apart a little more, then his mouth was on her whole sex, his tongue laving up and down her slit, then worming itself inside. “Ohh, GODDAMMIT!” she cries out, bucking her hips back against his mouth His tongue probed at her asshole, and she gasped loudly in pleasure. His thumb found its way there and began pressing lightly on it. She moaned and writhed in his hands, but not trying to get away.”You like that?” he asked her, standing back up and whispering in her ear. His hands were caressing her breasts once more.She nodded, gasping for breath. He pushed her forward, so that her hands were flat on the couch cushions and she was bent over the back.”You’re going to love this, then.” he said. She felt him spreading her feet apart even more, then something big and hard was probing between her labia, rubbing over her clit, then moving back. It lodged itself inside her, beginning to stretch her open in the most delicious way then drew back.”Marcus, wait!” she said, urgently. “No, Marcus, wait, please!” she begged, but he kept rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her pussy, letting her feel him teasing it just inside her before pulling it back out and sliding full length over her clit.”Gotta continue your slut training, Miranda.” he panted. “Going all the way is almost the last step.” “Marcus, wait, no!” she protested. “I’m not a slut, honest! Please don’t do this; I’m not a slut, I’m NOT!” Her body betrayed her words, however. She spread her legs and moaned aloud every time it touched her clit or neared her opening.”Yes you are, Miranda. You are; you just won’t admit it.” he said, teasing her with his cock.”No, Marcus, please, I’m not, I’m really not!” she sobbed. “Please let me go!””No, I don’t think so.” he said, placing himself at her opening again. “You want this.” He pushed lightly, and felt her tilt her hips up to admit him. She gasped and squirmed in his hands, but he stayed lodged inside her. “Say it! Tell me you’re a slut!”She felt him pull it out again, sliding it up and down, and squirmed her hips down, u*********sly trying to get him back in place.”Okay, okay, I’m a slut, now please let me go!” she said.”What kind of slut are you?” he asked, teasing her with the tip of it in place again. “Are you a cock sucking cum-whore?” “Yes, please, no!” she said, feeling him press into her a little. “I’m a cock sucking cum-whore, please, let me suck it again, please, NOOOO!!!” She gasped in relief as he pulled it back out instead of ramming it all inside, as she thought he was going to do. She had felt him tighten his grip on her hips and bunch his muscles in preparation for the big thrust.”You’re more than that, though, aren’t you, Miranda? You’re more than a cock sucking cum-whore, aren’t you? You’re Miranda Goss, hero of the track team, class president, and valedictorian, aren’t you? You’re not just some gutter slut, are you? You’re better than that, aren’t you?””Yes! Yes I am!” she agreed desperately.”No you’re not.” he said quietly. “Not right now you’re not. Right now you’re nothing but a slut. You have the taste of my come in your mouth, the feel of my cock on your face still and it’s almost inside you. You’re a slut because you like this! You like doing what I tell you to do, because you get to be a little slut and all the responsibility for it goes on me, because I’m telling you do it. Isn’t that right, Miranda?””Yes.” she sniffled. “I like it when you tell me to be a slut. I liked sucking it. I even like being bent over and at your mercy like this, but I’m really hoping you don’t do anything.””So you like being a cock sucking slut?””Yes, but that’s all I want to be.” she whispered. “I’m not… not all the way… not yet, anyway.””Well, now I’m telling you that you’re a bigger slut than that, even. You’re a brother-fucking slut, because I’m going to fuck you. You’re a three hole honey, Miranda. Can you feel my cock on your asshole, Miranda? I’m going to take you here, too, and you’re going to love it, because you’re an anal slut, too. After I fuck your ass, I’ll come in you mouth and feed you some cock-olate. What do you say about that?” “Marcus, I’m scared.” she moaned. “Please? Let me get up?””Do you believe me, Miranda? You know its true, don’t you? You want me to take you and make you into all those things I just said, don’t you?””NO!” she cried out vehemently, feeling him push into her again. “Yes! No, wait!! At least, not like this! Not right now! Let me think on it for tonight. Please?””Okay, Miranda, you can get up.” he said, pulling her up by the shoulders. “Get on your knees and suck me off again and be the cock-sucking slut we both know you are. Swallow it all this time, got it?”She nodded and went to her knees before him, hands behind her back. She reached her face up and licked his cock several times.”Suck on my balls.” he said, spreading his legs for her. She moved forward and took one in her mouth, holding herself up with her hands wrapped around his thighs.”Like this, too?” she asked, licking up the back of his scrotum.”Lick my asshole, you dirty slut!” he said, laughter in his voice. “You know what I like, don’t you, little sister? Have you been talking to any of my girlfriends?”She was repulsed by the very notion of licking his asshole, but he had told her to do it, and she was powerless to stop herself. She stretched out her tongue and licked at his brown pucker tentatively, wrinkling her nose at the sharp taste. She tasted it again, letting her tongue wet it thoroughly, then licking it dry. She remembered what it felt like when he did that to her and pushed her tongue inside. She felt him pull her forward by the hair. He held her face right in his groin and rubbed his cock all over one cheek, then dragged it across her nose and caressed her face with his cock head on the other side, too. She nuzzled her face into it, smiling.”You like my cock on your face, don’t you, little sister?” he asked her, rubbing it over her forehead, then down to her chin and over her lips. She opened her mouth to suck it, but he pulled it away.”Tell me what you are.” he said, dangling his cock just out of her reach.”I’m a cock-sucking slut.” she told him. “Please let me suck it?””Are you going to swallow my come?” he asked.”Yes.” she said. “I like your come. It tastes good.””You’re a cum slut.” he told her.”Yes, I’m a cum-slut.” she agreed, smiling.”Are you ready to learn deep throat?” he asked. “Do you think you’re ready to take the whole thing? I can help you learn.””I- yeah, okay.” she agreed nervously.”Good girl!” he said, approvingly. “That’s the spirit! You’ll be the best slut I ever trained!””I’m the best at everything I do.” she said, proudly.”I know you are, little sister. That’s how I know you’re a three hole honey. It felt good when I licked your asshole and put my cock against it, didn’t it?””Yes.” she admitted, shyly. “It felt kinda weird, but good…””Come on.” he said, taking her hand and helping her up. “Sit down on the recliner, here. Now turn sideways, legs over one arm, and lay back…there! See how your head hangs down? That’s going to let my cock go right into your throat.””Oh my God!” she said. “It looks so much bigger from this angle!””Open up, little cock-slut! I’m gonna fuck your mouth!””It sounds so dirty when you say it like that.” she said. “Makes me feel even more naughty. Fuck my mouth with your big cock, Master.” “Suck it!” he hissed, putting it between her lips. She obeyed, applying some light suction and felt him push more in, about half, which she had been comfortable with before.”Are you ready for some deep throat, little sister?” he asked her, pulling it all the way out. She let it go and it made a popping noise as it left her lips.”Yes.” she said, looking up at him. She took a deep breath and nodded. He grasped both sides of her head in his hands and entered her mouth again, not stopping until his balls dangled against her nose. She moaned a little, then he was pulling it back out and she was able to breathe again.”Very good, little slut!” he praised her. “Another first for me tonight. I’ve never had a girl who could take the whole thing the way you just did. You really are the finest slut I’ve ever trained!””How many sluts have you trained?” she asked, curious.”Shut up.” he told her, not wanting to admit that she was his first. He pushed his cock back into her throat and began fucking her mouth for real, thrusting his whole length in and out of her mouth like it was her pussy.A minute of two later, he was ready to come again, so he pulled it almost all the way out.”Just hold the head of it in your mouth.” he told her, stroking himself with one hand. The other was on her head, holding her in place. “Very good, now open wide! I’m gonna just lay my cock on your tongue so I can watch your mouth get filled!””Oh my God, that’s so nasty!” she said, doing as he asked. “Give me that come, big brother. Squirt it all in my slutty mouth!””Oh my God oh my God!” he grunted, then she saw milky streams of fluid shooting out of his prick and into her mouth.She was astonished at the amount of it landing on her tongue and pooling in the back of her throat. Her hands waved frantically at her sides, but he held her head in place with his hand and was able to point the streams coming out with the other so that not a drop was wasted.”Nnngh!” she moaned in protest, her eyes open wide. He smiled down at her.”Easy, easy.” he said soothingly. “Close your mouth, Miranda, swallow it all down, like a good girl.”She closed her mouth and made a horrid face as she swallowed it in one big gulp, eyes scrunched shut and her forehead wrinkled.”Like a good slut, you mean.” she said, that note of bitterness in her tone again. “I’m a slut, Marcus.””I’m glad you finally realize that. Miranda.” he smiled. “I’ve known it all along.””But I don’t want to be a slut, Marcus!” she wailed. “It’s not fair!””Keep your voice down!” he shushed her. “You want Mom to hear you say that?””No!” she whispered. “Do you think she did?” “Maybe. You were pretty loud.” he said, sounding a little nervous. “It might be a good idea to put your shirt back on.” “Oh my God.” she said, going pale. They could both hear their Mom’s footsteps coming downstairs. Her panties were laying on the couch next to him, so he quickly tucked them in between the cushions and out of sight.After that, neither one of them had much in the way of clothing to restore, just his shorts to pull up and her T-shirt pulled on, so they were both perfectly decent and the television on when she came in. Miranda was even back in her own chair, legs tucked under in her usual position.”What’s going on in here? I could have sworn I heard Miranda yelling all the way upstairs.””Um, you did, Mom.” Miranda admitted. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.””I also heard what you yelled.” She looked at her daughter. “I know you’ve been dressing differently lately, more like the other girls. That doesn’t make meciyeköy escort bayan you a slut, Miranda. Far from it. You have an attractive body, and its okay to dress to show it off a little. Did Marcus say something insensitive?””Not really, Mom.” she said. “We were all done discussing it for the night anyway, weren’t we, Marcus?” She put a lilt at the end of her voice, making it a question that lingered a moment.”I’ll tell you what, Miranda. You sleep on everything I told you tonight, and we’ll continue the discussion when you’re ready.” he said.”Well, that’s settled, then.” said their mother. “Can I go back to Magnum uninterrupted, then?””Yes Mom.” they said in unison. She gave them a little smile and went back upstairs.”Whew, that was close!” Miranda said, breathing a sigh of relief. “Do you think she believes us?””Never mind that.” he said. “I believe you were complaining about your new found slut abilities.””Abilities?” she snorted. “More like liabilities! “Really? Since when has mastering new skills been a liability? You took that cumshot as good as any porn star.””I just did what you told me to do.” she said. “It’s your fault for making me act like a porn star.””You didn’t do anything you didn’t want to do, Miranda. You liked sucking my cock; I can tell by the way you did it that you enjoyed yourself immensely, so don’t even try to deny it.””I did like that.” she whispered, blushing. “I won’t lie to you; sucking on your cock makes me horny. I almost want you to bend me over the couch and finish what you started, both ways.” She looked down at the floor for a long moment, then looked back up at him, eyes brimming with unshed tears.”I don’t want to be a slut, Marcus. But I am. Maybe you don’t hate me for it, but it makes me hate myself.” She burst into tears, so he went over to her chair and hugged her. This time it was him on his knees before her.When they let go a long moment later, he sat back and looked up at her. “You want to know why you’re a slut, Miranda? It’s because Mom’s a slut, too.”She sat back, shocked that he would say that.”No she’s not!” she gasped. “She hasn’t been with anyone since Dad died.””That’s because she’s not a slut for all cocks like most girls I go with.” he said. “She’s a slut for just one at a time, like you are. Since Dad died, she hasn’t let any other cocks near her. But I have one, and she’ll be my slut to it after I give it to her. You’ll see tomorrow.”Miranda was breathing heavily, processing this new revelation.”I know what you’re thinking.” he told her. “You’re thinking that it’s not right to be a slut for your brother’s cock, aren’t you? You’re hoping there’s some other man out there for you somewhere, a husband.” She looked at him, startled.”That’s exactly what I was thinking.” she admitted, nodding.”There is another man for you.” he told her, and she looked relieved. “But until then, you can be a slut for just me until he’s found. Probably when you’re at college, it will happen. But until then, to keep you from being a slut for all cocks…””To protect me from being cheap like all the others ones at school.” she said, nodding. She smiled and leaned forward, hugging him again, this time with joy. He kissed her mouth, tasting himself there as he licked her tongue seductively. He sat up on his knees, leaning her back in the chair as the kiss continued. He moved his hands from her face down her arms, over her T-shirt and onto her bare thighs, which parted to either side of him under the gentlest pressure.”You’re ready for the next lesson, aren’t you Miranda?” he said, looking into her eyes. She nodded.”Yes.” she whispered. “I want it. If I’m a slut, and I am, I’ll be a slut for you, big brother. I know you love me and will always protect me.” “Are you willing to have my baby?” he asked her. “We don’t have any protection, and you could easily get pregnant, even your first time.”Her face fell, as she realized the truth of his words.”There’s another lesson I could teach you tonight.” he told her, running his hands down the insides of her thighs and pushing her legs open wide and all the way back. She was fully exposed in this position, but before she could protest, he made it even worse by pulling her butt out to the edge of the seat.He leaned forward and put his whole mouth over her sex, while his thumb found her tight brown rosebud pucker, pushing lightly on it.”Oh my God!” she gasped out loud, and he took his face away.”You better be quiet, or Mom will be back down here, and if she catches us like this…””Yes, Marcus.” she said, abashed. She grabbed one of the throw pillows from beside her. “If it gets to be too much, I’ll scream into this.””Good idea.” he said, then went back to licking her pussy. His thumb pressed into her, and she muffled a cry with the pillow.”You like that, don’t you, Miranda?” he said, working it in and out.”Yes.’ she gasped, lifting her hips up. She was trying to get his mouth back on her, and he chuckled.”Not yet, you little slut. I decide what you get and when.” he said. “You want my cock in here, don’t you?” He wiggled his thumb in her ass for emphasis and she squirmed, nodding, breathless. “You want me to fuck your ass with my big cock and make you come, don’t you?””Yes!” she gasped. “I want you to fuck my ass with your big, hard, cock! Fuck my asshole, I’m your slut, I’m a slut for you, and I need you to fuck me, Marcus. Fuck your little slut sister!””If you want it so bad, Miranda, get down there and suck it. Make it wet and slippery with all your spit so I can fuck your ass.” he told her, pushing his shorts off again.She shivered with pleasure as she slid under him, moving to the floor as he rose up on his knees. She was practically laying on her back under him, but his cock was in her mouth, and she was getting it as wet as she could.'”When you’re done, you can get back on the chair, spread open just like I had you before.” he told her. She wasted no time moving into position.”Pull your cheeks open with both hands and beg for it. Be the little slut and talk as dirty as you can.” he told her. “I’m ready, Marcus.” she said, reaching outside her thighs and spreading for him. “I’m ready for your big cock, big brother. Take me and make me your slut! I’m ready to be your slut, Marcus, please fuck me! I need you to fuck me, please!””I love you, little sister.” he said, looking into her eyes. His cock moved forward and pressed right against her asshole, then pressed its way inside.She clamped the pillow over her face again, and it barely muffled her scream as he stretched her open enough to admit him. He held still until she quieted, them moved the pillow away from her face. He was holding himself just inside, letting her get used to the new sensation.”Just relax and let it happen, baby.” he told her. “Do you want me to stop?” “Don’t you fucking dare!” she said. “I want it all. Feels so good… Marcus, you’re inside me!””Rub your pussy as I fuck you, Miranda.” he said. “You better use the pillow again, too. This is going to feel better than anything you ever felt before.”He waited for her hand to snake its way down between their bodies, and as she brought the pillow over her face, he began using short thrusts to work his cock deeper into her ass.She moaned steadily into the pillow, grunting as he finally hit home, all the way inside her.”That’s all of it, Miranda.” he panted. “Another first!””What do you mean?” she asked, panting in time with him.”Never had a slut in the ass before.” he told her.”Marcus! What are you doing to me?” she wailed. “You’re turning me into a total slut!””You’re the best at everything.’ he said, beginning to move inside her by dragging it back out slowly. “You can be the best at this, too. Isn’t that what you would want?”She shuddered under him and smothered another cry with the pillow. He kept increasing the pace of his thrusts, using all of his cock to fuck her with each stroke. The pillow was barely keeping her screams quiet as she came on his cock inside her, then he was slowing the tempo of his strokes and allowed her to come down.”I’m gonna come, Miranda. Are you ready to feel my come shooting in your ass?””Yes!” she said, gasping. Her legs opened wide for him. “Put it inside me as deep as it will go and come inside me! I want to feel it!”As he buried himself deep inside her, grinding his groin into hers, she could feel his cock throbbing inside her and knew he was shooting all the stuff inside her. She imagined what it looked like, remembering the sight of it spraying into her mouth from before.She opened her eyes to see his face in a rictus of ecstasy, eyes clenched shut tightly. She smiled to herself, knowing that he was feeling the same pleasure she had experienced several times that night. She was glad her body could do that for him.”Oh, baby, I love you.’ he sighed, relaxing all his clenched muscles and looking into her eyes again.”I love you too, Marcus.’ she whispered, then kissed him. “Is it true, what you said about Mom?” she asked quietly.”Absolutely.” he told her. “Tomorrow is Saturday, and she works all day again, but Sunday she has the morning off and just the one shift that night. When she comes home from work, we’ll get her to sit with us down here to watch TV, and I’ll show you.””I have some homework for you, little sister. I know how good you are at researching things, so there’s some videos I want you to watch. Part of your slut training. I want you to go to XNXX.com and watch some videos. Watch them all the way through. Pick three of them that pique your interest to show me after, and we’ll watch them together.” He heaved himself to his feet and pulled his shorts back up from his ankles. “Right now, I’m bushed, and I’m going to bed.”He went upstairs and crept into his sister’s room, taking the cloth from her pillow. He took it to his mother’s door and knocked on it lightly. He could hear her TV on, and it shut off before he had finished knocking.”What do you want?” she asked, from inside. “Just a minute!” A moment later, she opened the door, her face flushed bright red, and she was breathing a little heavier than usual.”Are you okay, Mom?” he asked.”Yes, yes, I’m fine.” she said, distractedly. She pushed an errant lock of hair out of her eyes. ‘What did you want?””Can I come in, Mom? I kinda wanted to talk to you about something.” he told her.”Right now?” she asked, letting him come in past her. He went over and sat on her bed, so she sat next to him. “It’s late, honey, and my feet are killing me. Can we make this quick?””It won’t take long, I promise, Mom. I’m pretty tired, too.” he said. “Tell you what. Why don’t you scoot up there a bit, lean against your pillows, and I’ll give you a foot rub while we talk. Would that be okay?””That would be great, pumpkin.” she sighed, doing as he suggested and moving further onto her bed. He knelt at here feet and picked up the left one, stroking his thumbs firmly along the inside of her arch. She moaned and relaxed backwards, closing her eyes and letting his fingers work out her stress.Hs fingers rubbed all over the soles of her foot, then his strong hands were moving up her leg, squeezing and massaging all the way up to her knee. He put it down, cocking her knee slightly open, then picked her other foot up.This caused her bathrobe that she had hurriedly thrown on to part and open up, the waist belt coming untied. Her head was back on the pillows and her eyes shut, so she didn’t notice or care that she had just exposed her naked pussy to her son. The son definitely noticed, however. “She must have been masturbating herself when I knocked.” he thought to himself. “She’s wide open and ready.””What did you want to talk to me about, Marcus?” she asked sleepily, still not opening her eyes. “Is it about you and Miranda downstairs?””Yes.” he whispered, sounding embarrassed. “We were cuddling on the couch together, and kissing and stuff. She let me get my hand under her T-shirt and everything.””Everything?” his mother asked, looking at him with an eyebrow raised.”Well, no, not everything, Mom. I just touched her b-breasts, an she was rubbing her hand over my shorts. She did it until I- until I cummed. When it was over, I kissed her again and thanked her for making me cum like a good little slut. That’s when she yelled out that she wasn’t a slut, and I guess that’s what you heard. I just wanted to apologize to you, as well. I already made it up to her.””Oh my God!” she said, sitting bolt upright. She followed his eyes and realized what he was staring at, between her legs. She pulled her robe shut hurriedly, blushing with embarrassment. “Marcus, you two shouldn’t be doing that together! You’re brother and sister!””All we did was make each other feel good.” he argued. “We love each other, and I don’t want her going with any other boys who are going to use her and throw her away. She’s better than that.””But Marcus, surely you know that’s its not for you to do that for her?” she protested weakly. “She has to find the right man for her by herself!””No. Mom, you’re wrong.” he said, looking her right in the eye. “There’s two kinds of sluts. Sluts for one cock, and sluts for all cocks. You know that, right?””I’ve never heard it put that way, but I’d say that’s correct.” she admitted dryly. “I’ve never been a slut for all cocks, just one. Your father’s, and I miss him so much.” She started to tear up, so he moved up the bed and hugged her. She hugged him back fiercely, burying her face in his shoulder and sobbing as he stroked her hair and the back of her head. He let her cry herself out, holding her as long as she needed, and finally she sat up and looked at him, red eyed and runny nosed.”Your father used to hold me just like that.” she said fondly, and that started a fresh bout of tears. She sat there and controlled it after a minute, wiping her face with both hands. “I’m sorry. I’m kind of a mess right now.””You look beautiful, Mom.” he said, and leaned forward to kiss her forehead.”No, I’m a mess.” she assured him. “I look a fright, but my emotions are even more jangled than usual.””How come? Is it because of your anniversary next week?” he asked.”You know about that?” she whispered.”Of course I know the date my parents got married.” he told her. “The last day of June. It’s also Miranda’s birthday.””We had all our firsts on that day.” she told him. “The day we met. The first time we made love, a year later. It was my first time, but not his. He was a very experienced lover when I met him, and every encounter we had was beautiful for both of us… he was very considerate that way.””I always do that for my ladies, too.” he said. “I guess I’m a little like him that way. It’s a mark of pride for me. I love the sounds they make, too.””More than you think, Marcus. Sometimes when I come downstairs and you’re sitting bare chested at the kitchen table, in his chair, drinking coffee with that same ridiculous slurp…” She smiled fondly at him, then yawned sleepily.”Would you like me to sleep here with you, Mom? I could hold you until you’re asleep… and maybe you’ll dream about him.” he offered.She smiled at him. “Let me go to powder my nose, okay? I’ll be right back.”She slipped off the bed and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. He took the opportunity to take his shorts off and get under the covers, also placing the cloth under her pillow. The range would be good enough, he figured, and she was more then halfway there anyway. He didn’t even need to change the programming. All it really did was enhance the dream state, really. There were a few recorded sounds, but just his name and words like obey and submit.Moments later, he heard the toilet flush and then the door opened. She came out wearing a blue negligee, and he could just make out her small little nipples through it. It was just long enough to make him wonder if she was wearing panties under it.”Do you need to go, too?” she asked, leaving the light on.”I actually do.” he said, throwing the covers back and letting her see him naked as she approached the bed. She sat down on it and got under the sheets as he went in.”Jason used to leave the bathroom door open so I could watch him pee.” she admitted. “The sight of a man pissing has always fascinated me.””Sure, Mom.” he said, then thought about it. “Do you want to come hold it for me, Jennifer?” he said, his voice a little deeper than normal.She shuddered and gasped, starting to get off the bed. She went as far as her knees beside it before she caught herself.”You’re not Jason, you’re Marcus.” she said, more to herself than him, getting back in bed. She couldn’t look away as he pissed in the toilet, and her imagination ran wild as the sound of it went on and on.He flushed the toilet after shaking it dry, then turned off the light and came back to bed.”I’m sorry if I offended you Mom. I just thought it would be something Dad would have said.” he said, getting under the covers wit her and leaning back on his pillow.”It was exactly what your father would have said, except he wouldn’t have taken ‘no’ for an answer.” She looked at him wryly, turning on her side to face him and propping her head up on one elbow. “I’m a little surprised you did.””I’d never make you do something you don’t want to do, Mom. I would never do that to anyone.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw he top fall away from her chest. He could see half of one of her nipples and most of her breast.”He just had a way of making me want to do the things he asked of me.” she admitted. “The further şişli escort outside my boundaries he pushed me, the better I liked it.””You were a slut for him.” he said, sort of asking.”Yes, I was his slut.” she admitted, looking away and blushing. “I wasn’t his only slut, but I was his favorite. I was the one he married. He chose me to bear his c***dren.” She told him this last part proudly.”Dad had more than one slut?” he said. “I’m glad you told me that.””Why? Do you have sluts already?” she asked, arching her eyebrow at him.”Just one.” he admitted. “But I know I want more.”She giggled, looking at him askance. “Jason had the same exact crisis of conscience.” she told him. “I was his first slut, full time slut, I mean, exclusive to him, but then he did the same thing to Linda Fuller. He made her his exclusive slut and had every hole of her without telling me.””What happened?” he asked, fascinated.”What happened is, he should have chosen someone I didn’t have any classes with!” she laughed. “Girls are gonna talk, and when we compared notes, we found we had the same Master. Rather than getting jealous of each other, which we knew would displease him, we let him come home to us 69ing on his bed in his dorm.””Dad must have freaked.” Marcus said.”Nope. He fucked us both that day, and told us both that he claimed us as his, and came in our pussies, both of us, to get us pregnant.” she said, then bit her lip and looked sad again. “That’s when I got pregnant with you.” she said.”What happened to Linda?” he asked. He watched her tear up again.”Linda went to a doctor and found out she couldn’t ever have c***dren when she didn’t get pregnant at the same time I did. Two days after that, she hung herself.””Oh, Mom…” he said, softly. “So it was just you and Dad all alone after that?””Almost.” she said. “We never found anyone permanent, but he had other sluts sometimes. If I found one for him, I would bring her home and surprise him. Most of the time, he surprised me with them, though. He was always very good at knowing who was a wiling slut and who wasn’t.”She yawned again, turning over onto her other side, away from him. “I’m so sleepy, honey, that massage really knocked me out, and I have to work in the morning.””That’s fine, Mom, I’m tired, too.” he said, also yawning. He rolled onto his side and touched his mother’s hip. “Do you want to cuddle, Mom? I like spooning.””I would love that.” she answered, sliding over until she was held closely in his arms. She took his hand and placed it squarely on her breast. Her ass was pressed right into his groin, and she could feel him, half hard, pressing back against her.The next morning, as she was waking, she was half in the dream state. Jason was still alive and in bed with her. She could feel his morning wood pressing firmly against her behind, and decided to wake him with a blowjob. She rolled over and slid down under the covers and took him in her mouth.Rather than licking or bobbing her head, which she knew would wake him too soon, she took the whole thing in her mouth and used suction to bring him off. As she pressed her face forward, she felt it going further into her throat than it usually did.”He’s bigger than normal.” she thought to herself. She kept sucking until she heard him groan, then brought her head back until just the head was between her lips. “Shoot in for me, baby!” she thought to herself. “It’s been so long since I tasted you. Shoot it all in my mouth, baby.”She felt his hands grip the sheets to either side of him, then he was coming, filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot, stick juice. She swallowed repeatedly, trying to keep up, but it seemed like it just kept coming. The more she sucked, the more he came. It was leaking out both sides of her mouth before he was done, and she hurriedly pushed it into her mouth and ate that, too. She remembered the spankings Jason had given her for wasting any of his come.As she came back up out of the covers, she saw it was Marcus, her son, and not Jason, her husband. It all came back right then, hitting her all at once in a flood. The accident, and all the lonely years after.She raised her hand to her mouth, ashamed of what she had just done to her son, and fled to the bathroom. She knelt in front of the toilet and tried to sick up the taste of him out of her mouth. Nothing happened, so she stood up and grabbed her toothbrush, turning the cold water on full force.As she was furiously scrubbing her teeth, she caught a glimpse of movement in the mirror and saw Marcus standing in the door, smiling at her.”I really like the way your tits jiggle, Mom.” he said. “That’s sexy as hell.”She spit and rinsed her mouth with a handful of water, then turned to him.”Marcus, I’m so sorry!” she said, blushing. “I woke up half asleep, and I thought you were Jason. I didn’t mean to…””It’s okay, Mom, really. I understand.” he told her. “You’re a slut, and sluts need cock.””No, that’s not what I meant…” she protested weakly. “I just… I…””What?’ he asked, crossing his arms. “Are you trying to tell me you’re not a slut?””Marcus, I…” she said. She hung her head.”That’s what I thought.” he said, smirking at her. “Get on your knees, Jennifer. That’s where a slut like you needs to be, isn’t it?””Marcus, what are you doing?” she asked, alarmed. “No, please don’t make me do this!””I said get on your knees, Jennifer.” He crossed his arms, a stern expression on his face. “Don’t make me tell you again.””Oh, no, this is all wrong.” she said, going to her knees on the bathroom floor. He took two steps and was standing next to her, in front of the toilet.”I have to piss, Jennifer, and you’re going to hold it for me.” he told her. “Do it!””Yes sir.” she said meekly, reaching her hand up and taking ahold of it. She felt the stream start to flow and directed it into the toilet. She couldn’t help but smile at the sensations thrilling her. She could almost forget that it was Marcus and not Jason. He was so like his father…When the last few dribbles had trickled out, before she could stop herself, she licked the tip of his cock clean then sucked it into her mouth once and let him go.”Damn, that was fantastic!” he praised her. “Remember to remind me to drink more fluids, so I can piss like that more often!””Marcus, this isn’t right.” she said, getting a little panicked. “I can’t be your slut; I’m your mother!””So what, you’re my mother?” he told her. “You’re also a slut, and sluts need cock. You haven’t had a cock since Dad died, have you?”She shook her head. “It’s worse than that.” she told him truthfully. “No matter how much I masturbate, I can’t come.” she admitted. “I can’t come unless Jason tells me to, and he’s…””Oh, man!” he said. “Really? Go get on the bed, on your hands and knees, Jennifer.” “But Marcus, no, you’re my son…” She saw him fold his arms sternly again, frowning, and hastened to obey.”What are you going to do?” she asked nervously, looking over her shoulder to see him slowly approaching. “Marcus, I’m your mother, we can’t…””Jennifer, shut up.” he said flatly, smacking her bare ass with his hand. She jumped and shrieked a little, but she stayed in place.”Quit being my mother for a little while and be my slut. You need to be a slut, you know you do, and I’m the only one who can fill my father’s shoes.”She drew in a ragged breath as he ran his fingers over her pussy.”Open your legs for me, slut.” he told her. “Open them up wide, and lay your head on the bed.””Yes sir.” she said, doing as he told her. She felt his hands slide up and grasp her hips as his mouth covered her sex.He licked her a few times, then tongue fucked her as his thumb pressed lightly against her asshole.”Come for me, Jennifer.” he told her, moving his head back a little. Immediately, she was quivering and moaning, spasming with the force of the orgasms rocking her petite frame.”Come for me, Jennifer.” he said again, as she was settling down, and the sensations redoubled, causing her to scream silently, her hips bucking convulsively.He pulled her over onto her side and held her in his arms until she came down, then kissed the side of her face.”Go take a shower and go to work.” he said softly. “Everything is going to be better now, I promise, Mom. I’ll take care of you.””Oh, my big boy, I love you, Marcus, I love you so much!” she said, weeping happily. “Thank you, thank you so much. You have no idea how much I needed that.””I know, it’s okay, Mom. I love you too. But you can’t be late for work.” he said. “Go take a shower, and we’ll talk when you get home. Plus we have most of the day together tomorrow.””Okay.” she said, kissing him once more, and got off the bed.”Jennifer, I think you should call me sir or Master when I give you an order.” he said, smiling.”Yes sir.” she said, smiling back. “You are more like your father than you know.”He grabbed his shorts, not bothering to put them on, and went to his room to get dressed, just another pair of the terry cloth shorts and a T-shirt. He went downstairs and found Miranda cooking breakfast.”Just in time!” she smiled, handing him a cup of coffee. “Everything is done. Eggs?””Okay.” he said. “I guess this means you’re okay with everything that happened last night?””Marcus, I feel so free today!” she bubbled. “Whew! Like a hundred years of carrying a thousand pound backpack is gone! Thanks, big brother!””Glad I could help.” he chuckled. “I’ve got another piece of good news.””Really? What is it?” she asked, bringing him a plate heaping with eggs and bacon. He slurped his coffee and smiled at her.”This is really good coffee.” he said, taking another sip.”To hell with the coffee. What’s the good news? Did you figure out how to get some protection?” She bit her lip, a hopeful expression on her face.”Not really, but I expect that won’t be a problem much longer.” he said. “No, the good news is that you don’t have to hide any of your new skills from Mom anymore.”She paled. “You told her about us?””No, she doesn’t know about us yet. You remember that I told you Mom is a slut too?””Yeah…” she said, hesitantly. “You didn’t… uh, with Mom, did you?””Last night, we had a good long talk, and she sucked me off this morning, but no, we haven’t really… done anything else. Except I made her hold my cock while I pissed this morning. And I told her to come, and she did. She hasn’t been able to come since Dad died, because she needs to be told to do it, and nobody could.””Oh my God.” Miranda whispered. “She held your cock while you pissed?”Marcus saw the look of rapture on her face as she said that, and put two and two together.”Miranda, last night, you told me that you peeked at me while I was taking a leak once.” he said, finishing his food and pushing the plate away. “Tell me about it.””Oh god, this is so embarrassing!” she said, sitting down across from him. “Okay. It was a couple of years ago, when we went camping?””I remember that.” he said, smiling. “We should do that again sometime.””Yeah, we should.” Miranda smiled. “We’d have to share the tent again, though.””More fun than last time.” he laughed. “Tell me about seeing me take a piss.””I saw you go out of camp, and I knew what you were going to do, so I followed you.” she said, sheepishly.”You were spying on me?” he said. She nodded, blushing. “Did you like what you saw?” he asked her. She nodded again, looking up at him shyly.”It made me feel naughty.” she whispered.”Did you do anything about the naughty feeling, Miranda? Did you go into our tent and touch yourself, thinking about what you saw?””No.” she said, swallowing hard. “In retrospect, knowing what a slut I am today compared to last week, I probably should have. Instead, I spent all my time denying what I felt and focused on other things.””Like being the best?” he asked, finishing his coffee. He was just putting the cup down when their mother came in, her hair still wet, but she was in her pink rayon uniform for work.”I’m going to be late!” she said, sounding rushed. Marcus looked at the clock and saw she was five minutes behind. She grabbed her purse and her keys. “Bye, k**s! See you tonight!” and she was gone for the day.Marcus grinned at his sister, and she smiled back nervously.”What is it?” she asked. “You have a naughty gleam in your eye…””After we do the dishes.” he said, getting up and taking his stuff to the sink. “Do you want to wash or dry?””You don’t have to help me.” she said. “I planned the whole morning, except you didn’t get breakfast in bed like I wanted. You didn’t sleep in.””Wash or dry?”” he repeated.”Wash.’ she said, moving to the sink. “But really, you don’t have to. Part of being your slut for me is being your servant, too.””We have a few minutes while the sink fills, slut. Isn’t there something you should be doing?”She giggled and went to her, reaching for his shorts.”Use your hands this time.” he told her. “You have to make me cum before the sink overflows.””Yes sir.” she replied. She pulled his shorts down and helped him step out of them so he wouldn’t trip, then slid her hands up his muscular legs and cupped his balls in one hand, the other curling around the base of his cock and stroking softly up and down.”You better hurry up.” he told her a moment later. “The sink is half full already.””Oh my god! She said, then quickly engulfed his prick in her mouth. She began sucking on it right away, bobbing her head up and down, but just as she got a good rhythm going, she heard him stop the water.She didn’t quit; she redoubled her efforts to take the whole thing. She was able to fit about ¾ of it in, but then she had to pull back, gasping. “It’s just too big!””Mom was able to do it this morning.” he said quietly. “She took the whole thing, no problem.””She’s had more practice!” Miranda protested. “That’s not fair to compare me to her!””Dad died almost 10 years ago, and she hasn’t done it since then.” he pointed out. “Come on, stand up and wash the dishes. You failed.”She looked greatly disappointed as she got to her feet. She hated failure more than anything. She reached her hands into the water and began washing the cups.”Failure deserves punishment, don’t you agree, slut?” he said, moving behind her. He gathered her hair together into a ponytail, holding it with one hand. The other went to her throat and gripped her gently but firmly as he pulled her head back.”Unngh!” she cried out. “Yes sir!” “Yes sir, what?” he asked, yanking her head back a little more. He wasn’t being that rough with her, but he was definitely being firm.”Ohhh!” she moaned. “Failure deserves punishment, sir!” she said desperately.”You didn’t make me cum fast enough, did you? I let you use your hands and everything. Makes me wonder how much you really want the cock. Maybe I should not be your Master and let you be a slut for all the cocks. You couldn’t even take it all the way Mom did. Maybe I should just let Mom be my slut, and you can sit at the center table in the cafeteria at school, with all the other cock sluts.”As he finished whispering in her ear, he realized she was sobbing, and wondered if he’d been too harsh. He let go of her head”Please don’t do that!” she begged. “I won’t fail you again, I promise. If I can’t take the whole thing, you can grab my head and pull me down. I don’t care if it chokes me to death, either. I’d rather be dead that be one of them.” she said emphatically. “Punish me however you want, just not that, please?””You can stay.” he told her. “Your punishment is to think of your own punishment, then. Something terrible, because you failed twice.””I don’t know!” she said. “Spanking?” she suggested.He smiled. Their mother had never used corporal punishment on either one of them. Her words could a more effective job of shaming them than a spanking ever could.”You did your homework last night, didn’t you?” he smiled. “Okay, spanking it is. After you finish the dishes, I want you to come upstairs to my room. When you come through my door, you are going to be naked and on your knees. You will crawl over to my bed and wait for me, you face on the floor and your ass all the way in the air, as high as you can get it. Do you understand?””Yes sir, I know what to do.” she said. She turned to the sink as he left. “Thank you, Marcus.” she said softly, just as he went through the door. He turned and smiled at her a little, letting her know that he had heard before going out of sight.Upstairs, he went on a scavenger hunt for things to spank her with. He’d never done it before, and he wanted a variety of things to try out. He got his heavy leather belt, an extension cord, a silk tie, Mom’s heavy silver hairbrush and a rolled up towel together, then laid them out on his bed, arranging them neatly.He went downstairs and into the kitchen, passing her as she finished up the last of the silverware.”Almost done?” he asked lightly.”I just have to dry these last few and put them away.” she said. “Two more minutes?””Perfect.” he said, grabbing the coil of rope off it’s hook.”What’s that for?” she asked, going pale as he passed her with it.”It’s for you.” he called back over his shoulder.When she got upstairs a few minutes later, she stripped naked outside his door, then got down on her knees and crawled over to his bed, keeping her head low, as he had instructed. He let her stay there in that position for a long moment before he said anything, and her mind was whirling with memories of the spanking videos she’d watched last night.”Get up on your knees.” he said, finally. “Look at the items on the bed, and pick two of them to be used on you.”As she rose up, movement outside caught her eye through the window.”Marcus, look! Mom is getting out of a police car!” she said, excitedly. Marcus literally ran out of the room, bolting down the stairs and left her there watching from the upstairs window.

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