Hi, I’m Mike Henderson, 35 years of age, divorced from a wife who ran off with her boss. People say I am handsome, still turn heads both male and female. I am not rich, but I get by. Being an architect designing ski chalets and skiing club houses and lodges, my work takes me on to the ski slopes world wide. It is on one of these slopes my story starts.

Actually, I was taking a bus-man’s holiday after securing a very nice contract and thought I deserved a break.

I was skiing on my own back to the lodge when I was overtaken by a couple who were obviously nuts about each other as they were playing tig, only kissing with their mouth rather than using their hands. It made me laugh because it was nice to see. They zoomed through some trees as I hit a snag and loosened my right ski. I skidded to a halt in the trees and removed the ski to check it out.

I heard the girl laughing and saw them about twenty to thirty yards away. They had stopped too and they were hugging and kissing very passionately. Then the girl turned away from the guy and pushed down her ski pants to reveal her pink panties and he hooked his fingers into the elastic and he yanked them down too. My ski forgotten, I watched the guy fingering the girls pussy from the rear then he took out his dick and entered her. She moaned audibly and waggled her bum onto his cock and he gripped her hips and started to fuck her like an express train. She turned her head and looked right at me then she said something to the guy and they both laughed. It did not stop his actions or her enjoying it.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes, they readjusted their clothing, and both of them waved to me as they left towards the Lodge. Needless to say, my own cock reacted in a unruly way and felt very uncomfortable in my pants.

I had a broken strap which I replaced with one of two spares I carry in my first aid kit. I arrived back at the lodge about 15 minutes after the couple.

There was a female cleaner in my cabin when I got back. She apologised for being late as she had been called back in to cover a maid who was off sick. She was very friendly, her uniform fitted her very neatly and the short skirt was very becoming, once again my teste were passing messages to you-can’t-bend-it. I had to turn away from her before we were both embarrassed. I caught the reflection of the girl smiling in a wall mirror. When I looked at her again, her nipples were very prominent. She asked me if there was anything she could do for me after asking where my wife was and when I explained she started to make it very plain that she was interested.

‘I don’t suppose you get paid a lot for that job? I didn’t get your name?’ ‘My name is Inga, no, we have to put in a lot of hours to make ends meet. Why do you ask?’ ‘I am scared to say, you might want to slap my face.’ She smiled, moving towards me. ‘You want sex? Yes? Some men like to be slapped, I like it sometimes when I feel very passionate. On my bum first and then on my pussy. What are you, a tit man? A pussy man? Or an ass man, maybe?’

By this time she had put her arms around my neck and I could smell her heady perfume. I kissed her as her lips touched mine. When I crushed her to me she gyrated her pussy as soon as it came into contact with my by now, very stiff cock.

She broke away and smiled sexily, ‘You like Inga, Yes? You give me two hundred French francs and I will stay all night with you and keep you very warm and very-very happy.’

‘How much just for a quickie just now, Inga?’

‘Just the same, two hundred francs. If you fuck me, I stay with you as long as you want me.’

By this time her hand was inside my trousers caressing my cock.

‘Don’t you like me. Feel to see how wet I am for you. My ass too if you want me there. We had an Englishman here last week. He only wanted to do it in my bum. He was big, like you are. Are all Englishmen big in their cocks, yes?’

She took my hand and put it to her right breast and I removed it again to get my wallet out.

‘I have not had time to go to the Exchange Bureau how much is two hundred francs in English money? Will a hundred pounds Sterling be the same, yes?

She laughed at me, gently stroking my cock which was now out of my trousers in her delicate hand.

‘You do not recognise me, do you? We met on the ski slopes this afternoon. I was the lady in red. Did you like my ass? The man, was Karl, my husband. We followed you out of the Lodge and set you up. My husband knew you were here on your own and he fancies you too. We are both bi-sexual and I love threesomes with two men. I love two cocks in me at the same time. I do not want your money. I bribed the maid to let me into your room. I also have school and nurses uniforms. My husband and I are sex mad, you see.’

She stopped talking to place a finger into her mouth which she lasciviously wet with her tongue then she dipped her hand in past my balls and touched my anus.

‘You are nice and tight. Karl will love it when he fucks you.’

‘You are very sure of yourself, Inga. How do you know I will join erotik film izle you in these pranks of yours?’

‘My finger is still in your asshole. You like it, yes?’

What with her hand massaging my cock and her finger pistoning my ass, she had me ready to unload. I drew away from her.

‘You will share our table at Dinner so we can talk and you can meet Karl again?.


‘Yes, you met him on the slopes and in his office this morning. We own the Lodge and several others. I think it is you who is going to become a prostitute, yes? The contracts you are after depend entirely on this little button of love of yours and this lovely cock which already you are sharing with me, yes?’

She stood back, leaving my rampancy sticking out and a void in my rectum. She busily adjusted her clothing.

‘I will leave you. You have two choices. Join us at our dinner table or check out of the lodge. The latter choice, on your part would be silly, as it could be lucrative for you, this contract, yes? Karl, he has nice, long cock. You will love it inside you. You will enjoy it, we will both enjoy it.’

She slipped out of my room before I had chance to ask her what time they would be dining? Also to tell her that I would sell my Grannies virtue to get the contract.

I picked up the phone and asked the desk operative what time did the Reichmanns dine in the evening and she replied, ‘Seven pm sir.’ When I asked her if they wore evening dress? She laughed very sexily and replied, ‘No, Sir. I have known Madam dine in a bikini!’

Down in the Restaurant.

I was shown to their table which very cunningly was seperated from the others by a three feet or so ornate screen which gave them a high level of privacy and yet they were still a part of the dining-room.

I wore a sports jacket and flannels and was relieved to find Karl dressed alike. Inga had on a red and white floral dress, short skirted and with a plunging neckline which was turning a few heads, even more so when I joined them at their table. I could see heads together which gave me the geebees, did they know? Did the Reichmanns have a reputation? Or, was it that I was dining with the owner? The ships Captain, as-it-were?

They both stood up as I approached and shook my hand and welcomed me to their table. Karl and I waited for Inga to reseat herself with a waiter in attendance for her chair. It seems we had wall to wall waiters which I am sure was noticed by the rest of the diners.

‘First of all, Mike, I must apologise for the way Inga teased you early this evening. I hope that you are going to be with us for the rest of the evening when I will make sure she makes it up to you, won’t you, Darling?’ Which she answered with a silent exaggerated gasp!

‘Not needed, Karl. I thoroughly enjoyed her company and the cute trick she played on me. I hope you can keep up to all the promises she made to me on your behalf?’

They both burst into laughter and stroked my legs under the table. Ingas stroking ended with a fleeting touch on my already stirring cock to be replaced by Karl’s more exploratory caressing fingers. It had been a long time since I was last tapped up so suggestively by another male. He raised more than a smile from me.

‘Inga has given me your measurements and I can promise you Mike I will bend over backwards to accomodate you. Inga can’t wait to bend over anyway you want her to. She has been deperate to get into your trousers since she first saw you, as you know of course, by her behaviour to you so far. She also told me you have a tightness which definitely needs slackening.’

When I placed my serviette onto my lap, my hands were drawn away on both sides to a bare wet pussy and a naked erect cock of larger proportions than my own. When I started to masturbate them they laughed out aloud and drew my hands back onto the table and Karl passed me the finger bowl and a hand towel. The sexy talk continued with Inga leaning over and saying,

‘I can vouch for Mikes tightness, can I not, Mike? I hope he can accomodate you, Darling.’

‘My situation will be vacant and open for any filling proposals either of you wish to make.’

They laughed again and we contined to laugh as we tucked into a beautiful meal and then retired to the Reichmanns suite which was equipped with a jaccuzzi, sauna and a huge king sized bed which turned out to be a water-bed.

When we arrived in the suite a maid appeared dressed in just a see-through bra and a short almost transparent skirt. Inga threw off her dress and gave it to the maid and followed it with a red thong which she also tossed at the maid. The maid didn’t bat an eyelid at Madames nudity. When I looked at Karl he was already down to his tented boxers, which the maid went down in front of him and removed for him. Deftly catching his hard cock into her mouth just as Inga had done mine earlier.

Not wanting to be a party-pooper I started to take off my own clothes and was removing my slacks when Helga the maid was down in front of me assisting me. She was wearing a name badge on her film izle bra. She captured my cock too while Inga was down behind her goosing the girls pussy or ass, I could not be sure. Then Helga withdrew from the room taking all the clothes we had removed with her.

‘Lovely isn’t she, Mike? Helga has been with us since she was fourteen. Karl took her virginities. Do not be embarrassed with all our servants, they are all nudists and love our nudity. You are our guest now so all your things have been bought up here for you. The staff will show you around and to your room, if you have the need to go to it. The staff are here to please your every need they are all bi-sexual too. If you want to play with them, just tell them what you want them to do.’

‘ All this is incredible Karl. It takes some getting used to.’

He laughed and clapped his hands twice and a young naked Adonis came into the room. His cock about four inches long was flaccid and hanging down alongside his balls. He was a bout 5.5 tall and well toned musclewise. He was like a twelve year old girl with a cupids very enticing bum.

‘Heinz, this is Master Mike. Look after him in the bathroom, will you?’

‘Come this way, Please Master Mike.’

I walked with him him back through the door he came in, my hand dropping from his fair shoulder down to his delectable ass. I could not resist fingering his cleft.

He looked up at me, ‘You want me, Master Mike? You want to fuck Heinz, Yes?’

‘As delicious and irresistable as you are, My Boy, just now would not be wise.’

We were in a rather large bathroom, it was even equipped with a place for Heinz to sit and be comfortable in. The room interior had wall mirrors around so I suspected they were two-way so he could see into the other chambers. Just the thought of the place made my cock stir. It was so sensual. It was obvious that Inga used this bathroom too and it meant that there was no place private for her.

Talk of the Devil. She came in with Helga and Helga sat her onto a bidet and started to syringe Inga’s ass and pussy as if Heinz and I were not there. Then, even more astounding, Heinz ushered me over to another bidet beside her and started to douche out my ass!

‘This is lovely isn’t it, Mike? You do not get this treatment in Britain, do you?’

‘You certainly do not, Inga. You are strikingly beautiful. Karl is a very lucky man.’

‘We have chosen you to share in our luck, Mike. You like my breasts? My pussy? The way I waggle my ass for you, Mike? Karl wishes me to surrender all my holes to you Mike. You can plunder them as you wish.’

‘And what is your wish, Inga?’

‘I wish I was your very personal maid, back in your room. I wanted much more from you and that beautiful cock of yours this afternoon, Mike.’

‘How will you feel when Karl is filling me with his sperm and not you, Inga?’

‘You like the prick in your ass?’

‘Don’t we all? If the price is right, then I like.’

‘I told you, you are a prostitute. Karl says, ‘ money will buy you anything.’ He is right. He bought me, I am his sex slave and I do everything he asks of me. He even had me gang-banged once, the price he paid for it was an ermine coat. It is one of my most treasure possessions. I earned every single hair on it. I took on twelve men in constant fuckings, three at a time. Karl sat and watched while two girls were licking his cock. As a finale, three of the men stripped him and fucked his ass.’

‘Karl sounds like a resourceful man, Inga.’

‘He bought a rottweiler home name Bruce, which he said a friend had asked him to look after for one night. We went out to a club and got drunk. When we got back he told me to strip and lay over a coffee table. He tied me to it and gagged me with my knickers and then he called in the dog.

Bruce sniffed round my pussy and asshole and started to furiously lick both. Then Karl dripped something into my ass and the dog suddenly mounted me and Karl guided the dogs dick into my asshole. The dogs dick was bigger than Karls and when it started to swell up inside me it was agonisingly painful, I passed out.

When I came to, I was in my own bed in Karls arms. The dog was away the next morning. Now, everytime I misbehave, he threatens to go and get Bruce.’

‘What has Karl got in store for me, Inga?’

‘I do not know, Mike. What I do know is, he will make you work very hard for his signature on your contracts. Karl has to be paid well for his favours, I told you what happened to me when I asked him for a fur coat. He has a lot of men friends who have very big cocks, I know by the sore experiences I have had over the past. You can think yourself lucky that you only have two holes instead of three.’

‘He will go that far?’

‘Don’t worry, Mike. He will not kill you and you will get over your sore ass in just a few uncomfortable days. Anyway I have a few things planned for you and this lovely cock of yours too. Come, Mike, it is time we joined Karl, he will think we have started without him and you do not make Karl cross with you.’

She seks filmi izle took my hand and we went through and Karl was not alone, he was cuddling a naked Helga on the water-bed with the covers removed. There was another naked girl languishing in an easy chair. Inga stepped forward to her dragging me with her.

‘Inka! You look delicious as always, Inka, meet Mike. Mike meet my younger sister, Inka. Isn’t she gorgeous? She is very fuckable, don’t you think? She and I have a routine we put men through, we will show it to you later.’

She was a replica of Inga, tits maybe a bit larger than Ingas, otherwise like a twin. Like Inga, her pussy was cleanly shaven with pink labia exposed.

I put out my hand to shake her hand, she dodged and grabbed my cock and drew it into her mouth and then dropped to her knees in front of me and began to suck my cock in earnest. Then a naked youth came into the room with a salver carrying a large syringe. Karl bounced off the bed and picking up the syringe came over to me and said to me,

‘Use your hands and spread your buttocks for me, Mike.’

Inka rose up and threw her arms aroung my neck and pulled me down over her and she kissed me passionately as I complied with the presenting my asshole request. Inka quickly slipped under me and engulfed my hardness into her mouth again. I stayed bent over.

‘You have a nice shapely ass, Mike, almost feminine. Then I’m maybe not the only man who has told you that. I have some very entertaining ideas which I know you are going to hate to enjoy.

He pressed the bulbouse nozzle of the syringe against my anal bud and I flinched when it popped in past my spincter opening. I felt warm liquid ooze into my rectum and the pressure build as he forced it deep within my ass. I almost came in Inka’s mouth but she sussed it and withdrew.

Karl turned to the youth with the salver, ‘I think we will have in Kurt first, young Fritzy.’

The boy left the room via the landing door and it opened again to admit the Original Naked Giant. Must be seven feet tall. Built like a Goliath. His cock and balls were to match. It was hanging down and looked to be about eight inches long and that thick! He was soft! Inga pounced on him and went down between his open legs when he sat on the settee looking at me with a lecherous stare Karl was gently fucking me with the syringe which actually made me feel very nice. Obviously marking time until Inga had Kurt ready for action. I was to be his action.

Since my college days I had allowed several guys the privilege of fucking me, but the biggest guy had been just over eight inches which was the size of my own cock. It had hurt. Kurt was already in excess of ten inches and Inga was still working on a half flaccid cock. It was like a babies arm with a closed fist. Karl whispered to the boy when he withdrew the syringe from my ass and returned it to the boys salver. The youth went to Kurt and told him to stand up. Kurt obeyed and Inga stayed down and continued sucking his cock. Fritzy stabbed the syringe into Kurts asshole and started to fuck him with it. It worked like magic. Kurts cock became rapidly rock hard and it elongated to twelve inches, maybe more. My anal muscles started to spasm painfully which wasn’t helped by Inka embracing me from behind rubbing her pussy against my ass.

I seemed to be in a daze.

A padded bench was wheeled into the centre of the room and I was lead across to it and bent over it and my wrists were strapped down to it. Inga then produced a plastic bag, from which she took a pair of pink soiled knickers.

‘You remember these, Mike? You saw Karl pulling them down for me this afternoon on the ski slopes. Do you remember, when Karl had finished fucking me – how I just pulled my knickers and my pants up with all that gooey mess inside them? Are you a dirty knicker sniffer, Mike? Did you sniff your Mummies or your Sisters knickers Mike? Did you ever put them in your mouth beside wank into them?’

The youth stepped forward with a wide grin on his face and pinched my nostrils forcing me to open my mouth to breathe. Inga dangled her knickers over my nose. They were soaking wet. She used a finger to poke the wet crotch into my mouth.

While this was going on some one was stroking my cock and caressing my anus. It wasn’t Inka or Kurt so it must have been Karl.

Inga was holding my head and forcing the balk of her wreaking underwear into my mouth gagging me completely. She finished off rubbing her warm tits around my face. Then she whispered, ‘See you later, Darling when the boys have finished with your ass, then it is mine and Inka’s turn.’

She and Inka left the room arm in arm, their hands caressing each others butts. The buid up of saliva in my mouth was already mixing with the contents of the knickers and trickling into my throat.

Kurt came over to me with a pleasant smile on his face and he put his hand on my shoulder and trailed his fingers down my spine into my ass crevice as he walked past me. I moaned when he spooned my rectum. I was mesmerised by his huge cock and quaked in abject fear. I have heard that you can take huge cocks, even fists in side the anal canal, Only some one who endures it can envisage the pain. The fear within me was telling me that I was about to find out about that pain.

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