Ah Bu Töreler Seks Hikayesi 30. Bölüm

Ah Bu Töreler Seks Hikayesi 30. Bölüm Ah Bu Töreler Seks Hikayesi 30. Bölüm! ( 30 Y., Konya / Türkiye) Elif kocasından boşanacağı için çok mutluydu. Yıllarca onun baskısıyla yaşamıştı çünkü. Yıllar sonra teyzem de kızıyla buluşmuştu. Teyzem bugün bize gelip Elif’i ve torunlarını görmüş. Onu evine götürmek istemiş, ama Elif gitmek istememiş. Acaba diyordum […]

Kayınpeder damadını kadın kıyafeti içinde g

Kayınpeder damadını kadın kıyafeti içinde g Merhaba, Bundan yaklaşık 2 sene kadar önce yani 21 yaşımda görücü usulü ile evlendirildim. Yani bir bakıma aile zoru ile çünkü kızlardan pek hoşlanmam, en sonunda bizimkiler senden köy kasaba olmayacak galiba diyerek ahbabımız olan Levent beylerin kızı ile Hande evlendirdiler. Evlendiğimiğizde Hande 18 yaşındaydı. Kayınvalidem Naciye 38 kayınpederim […]

Plans for Tonight Ch. 02

Since she knows she has a surprise waiting for her, I decide to try a little twist. I’m fortunate that she keeps a sleeping mask on the headboard. That’s within easy reach. I rise up slightly, and pull my face from between her legs. Kissing the insides of her thighs as I do, tracing my […]

Switched On

Rather than be happy about her promotion as she’d expected, Andres seemed frustrated and offered only a casual grin and weak hug at the announcement. She didn’t look into it at first, she was still overwhelmed with the news herself but by the end of the evening she could see why so many women that […]

Probe is a Synonym for Exploration

This is my first submission, I look forward to all your help to improve – Thank you. * I felt warm, relaxed, and incredibly self-satisfied sitting in the hot tub, completely content to watch my beautiful bride’s breasts swimming in the turbulent blue-lighted water. Sitting next to her was the fascinating twenty-four-year-old creature who had […]


I’ve been trying to remember when I realised I was… well… a bit kinkier than my friends. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was nearly 20, but by that point I’d been experimenting with ways of fucking myself. I was 18 and still living at home when I started trying to find different ways […]

Rim Nation Pt. 01

Rachel and I had been working together for a while now, and there was always a hint of sexual chemistry between us – but I was technically her boss, and there is a 10 year gap in our ages. Not to mention I was already in a relationship. She was blonde, fit, a swimmers physique, […]

Santa Ate My Homework

[A bit of a build up at the beginning, but detailed sex will follow. Thanks again to Carnevil9 for a proofread. Any errors remain mine.] * “Santa ate my homework.” I tried not to laugh, I really did, but I could not resist. “In all my years as a prof, that is the most creative […]

Sensual Get Together With Mild Dom

Setting: Empty hardwood floored room with only a bed, a coffee table and a large white sofa in it, white satin sheets, dimmed lighting splashing the room with a burnt color, a window looking onto a lake. Sunset turning the skies shades of purple orange and red. You are in the shower, sensually washing your […]

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 02

This is a great stand-alone as a sex scene, but taken in context with She Admits She Wants It, Part I, it delves into the why for the what. Part I is a rewrite of one of my other stories, but this one is wholly original. I would recommend reading in order, but then again, […]

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