Between Friends

“Shonda, I have a huge favor to ask you.” My ears perked up with interest. Simone was my girl. You know, the one you planned mischief with since you were seven. The one who you giggled with as a teen and had so much dirt on you she could bury you in a heartbeat but […]

Lost Bet Gone Right?

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. Hello my name is Emma and I’m going to tell you about some fun I had while in university. I had met Tom and Mike in my first few weeks and had fucked both of them, not at the same time. They were roommates and […]

Bess Ch. 14

Chapter 14 Scott awoke from his sleep and looked around. Deidre and he had taken a shower and decided to take a quick nap to be refreshed and ready for tonight. Deidre had made some plans with Marie for dinner and dancing. After a quick session of love making in the shower, they decided they […]

An Adventure at the Glory-Hole

My wife and I have such a great sex life. Its pretty open and gets adventurous at times. We’ve had meet-ups with couples and I’ve shared her with a few men, and we love every minute of it. But one of my fantasies is to take her to a local adult store, all dolled up […]

Reporter’s Dilemma Pt. 08

Gregor and Caroline dried each other off, once they got out of the shower. He knew his technicians were putting together the next installment of Susie Cream Pie, and he would wander back, and supervise the process, now that he was dressed.? “Well Caroline, I have to head back and supervise the putting together of […]

Beer Party

Hal had called and asked if wanted to go out and have a few beers. I told him “sure” and he said he’d pick me up at the student nurses’ dorm about 7:00. I showered and dressed for the occasion choosing my nicest pair of panties and bra knowing full well that I might not […]

1976, a HOT Summer

I had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday and decide to rent an apartment in Torquay with a mate for a week. When we booked we had no idea this would be the hottest, driest Summer for years. Our “uniform” of choice was Clockwork Orange. Cherry red, 10 hole, Doc Martins, cut off white baggies, T-shirt […]

Take Me Places I’ve Never Been

Authors Note: This is my entry for the 2021 Nude Day contest here on Lit. It is another in the continuing saga of Emily and Dom. I hope you like it and that you will give it a rating and if you are so inclined leave me a comment telling me what you think. Thanks […]

Bet You Don’t Believe Me

Running my fingertips down her ribs and over her hips, I suddenly draw back and bring my hand hard across the left side of her ass, drawing out a small moan. I know that, despite the tight pair of “daisy-dukes” she has on, the imprint of my hand will be a vivid red mark on […]

An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 03

An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 03 This story is a continuation of ‘An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 02’ located in Group Sex. Owen and Nicole relocate to Las Vegas with new friends, Lucas and Jenny. It is necessary they remain in hiding for their security while criminal investigations are completed. * * * * * I began: […]

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