Rim Nation Pt. 01


Rachel and I had been working together for a while now, and there was always a hint of sexual chemistry between us – but I was technically her boss, and there is a 10 year gap in our ages. Not to mention I was already in a relationship. She was blonde, fit, a swimmers physique, breasts made to cup, thighs that I could fall asleep between, and oh my that ass. A trained masseuse, she did a little bit of massaging on the side for extra cash, and had even given me a free massage at one stage. I managed to remain professional, although I suspect she noticed the tent in my shorts when I got up after it had finished. I promised I would return the favor when I had a chance.

Fairly frequently we would need to work after the regular day had finished, and if it got too late I would give her rides home. Conversation would be of work, relationships, small talk, even sex a little. It had been a year or so of working together, and my relationship was failing. The drives began to be extended, so we could continue our talks, which we both enjoyed and allowed me to get stuff off my chest. She lived only 10 minutes away, but often the drives and conversations would last for an hour or more. These drives continued through my failing relationship until it ended and the conversation got quite frank at times, discussing our past sexual exploits and preferences, although I didn’t reveal everything. And neither did she, as it turned out. Amazingly she wasn’t in a relationship and said she was happy with that for the moment.

“So, when are you going to repay me that massage?” she said, on our latest drive. The conversation had been becoming unabashedly sexual and I was wondering if I should throw caution to the wind, but I was still her boss and was possibly misreading things.

“How about now?” I suggested.

“OK,” she said, immediately.

Despite my misgivings and the late hour, there was a rush of blood to my penis and I shifted in my seat.

We drove back to her place. It was late, but there was no sign of her room-mate. Her massage table was in a small extra room at the side of the apartment, where she told me to wait while she got ready.

“I’ll just be a moment.”

My mind was racing – did she invite me here for sex? Could it be she actually just wants a massage? Surely she could read my interest in her? I stood feebly by the massage table and adjusted my penis in my trousers. It didn’t achieve anything much except smear some precum on my hand.

“Here I am,” she announced from the door.

I quickly pull my handout of my pants and turned. She look at my hand and smiled. I would have been embarrassed but my jaw almost hit the floor as she was standing there, completely naked but for a towel she held to her front.

“I’ll just lie down on the table then,” she said, pointing to the shelf. “Turn around for a moment.”

I reluctantly turned, but as she walked past I couldn’t help glimpse see her unbelievable ass – she was wearing no underwear and it looked even better than I had imagined in my masturbatory fantasies.

“OK, I’m ready.”

I turned back, she had lain face down on the table but placed the towel so it covered her ass, her strong back and fantastic legs exposed.

“There’s some oil on the shelf.”

I grabbed the oil and squeezed some out onto her back. My groin was level with her head as I started working on her shoulders and neck. I struggled to remain composed and my knees felt weak.

Suddenly she lifted her head, and looked directly at my crotch with its tell tale bulge.

“Well, this is going to be a distraction. Let’s fix that.”

She reached up and grabbed my trousers and quickly unzipped my fly and fished out my now completely hard penis. So, not platonic, I realised. She squeezed erotik film izle the base of my penis and ran her fingers up the length, milking out the precum. She stuck out her tongue and licked the precum off the tip, looked up and smiled.

“Perhaps you should take them all the way off. It will give me us both more room.”

“Oh..ok,” I stammered, undid my belt and stepped out of my trousers. kicking them into the corner of the room.

“Mmmmm,” she said as she eyed my shaved scrotum. “I like that.”

She pulled me closer and began to lick and suck my balls, first swirling her tongue around one and the the other, then stopping to suck each one in turn, all the while slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft. All I could do was moan. This continued until they were slick with her saliva. She cupped them and lightly squeezed and she ran her tongue up the underside of the shaft and finally placing the whole head in her mouth. Here she paused for a moment and I could feel her tongue circling my glans. Fuck it felt good. Eventually she began to ease the length into her mouth, very slowly – and didn’t stop until her nose was pressing against my pubic hair. She held it there for a beat and then began to move back and forth, up and down, all the while gently caressing my testicles.

“I going to come if you keep that up,” I said weekly.

My shaft popped out of her mouth. “That’s ok, I want you to. Cum in my mouth.”

She gave it a long lick along the underside, and returned to deep throating me, picking up up the pace.

“Oh god,” I moaned. I felt the familiar pressure build in my groin. I held out as long as I could and then I came with a loud gasp as I spasmed and convulsed into her throat. She held her mouth tightly over the head and began to pump her hand along the length of the shaft until my convulsions subsided. Removing my penis from her mouth, she milked the last few drops of semen on to her tongue, swallowed and let my penis fall from her hands.

She looked up at me and smiled. “I still want my massage.”

“Of course,” I smiled blissfully. “First I just need to regain my strength. That was awesome.”

“OK. I’ll just got get us some water.”

Rachel stood up from the massage table, ignoring the towel as it dropped to the floor. She stood in front of me and smiled.

“Oops,” she chuckled.

I smiled back and took in, finally, the unfettered view of her astounding body. Her breasts where grapefruit sized and beautifully shaped, and sat perfectly, highlighted by the ivory white skin that contrasted so nicely against her golden swimmer’s tan. I ran my eyes down over her firm, but soft stomach to her cleanly waxed pussy – oh yes – which seemed to have a slight flush, with her pink lips just peeking below. I watched her ass sensuasely roll by as she walked past me to the kitchen and felt a familiar swelling, even though I had just cum.

On her return she handed me a glass, and lay face up on the table.

“Start with my front,” she said “and hands off my pussy. I need that massage.” she said, eyeing my semi-hard penis.

“Of course,” I said, quietly disappointed.

Rachel lifted her head. “Well, at least for a while.”

I brightened, and my penis quivered.

“You may as well take off your shirt. It looks silly you standing there with just a shirt on.”

Her eyes lingered on my now growing penis before she closed her eyes and laid back her head.

I grabbed the oil and squirted a liberal amount onto her chest between her breasts, letting it run down to her belly a little before spreading it up over her breasts and up towards her shoulders. I worked on her shoulders and neck for some minutes, trying to ignore my now completely hard penis which was dangerously bobbing film izle around her head and hair. She groaned approvingly as I dug into her muscles. I gradually moved my hands down to her chest and then over her breasts, gently squeezing and caressing. I perhaps lingered there more than I should have.

“Remember now – this is a massage,” she said with a dreamy smile.

I move to her side left and worked on her arms, sliding my hands all the way down to her finger tips, giving them individual attention. I did the same to her right side. I spent a good deal of time on her arms, but my eyes spent most of that time staring at her bald mound that I desperately needed to taste, and fighting the urge to grab my penis for some relief. It had been hard now for so long it was beginning to ache and the tip was oozing copious amounts of precum. I finished with her arms and stepped away for a moment. Her eyes opened sleepily, looked at my rock hard penis, looked me in the eyes.

“This is so dreamy,” she smiled and closed her eyes again.

True to my word, I bypassed her pussy and began to work on her legs, starting with her toes, heels, ankles, calves. As I worked he thighs gradually parted and soon I could clearly see her labia, the lips a movng from pink to a deep red as I worked, and clearly moist. At one stage she surprised me and suddenly moved her hand to her pussy, dipping in a finger, rubbing it quickly over her clit and moaning.

“No, not yet,” she said quietly, as if to herself, and moved her hand back to her side, but raised her knees slightly and let her legs fall to the side. This had the effect of parting her lips even more giving me an unobstructed view and I think I must have moaned out loud, as a big smile gre on her face.

With a fresh squeeze of oil I began to slide my hands up the insides of her thighs, stopping only when I got to that delicious, slightly concave part just where her legs met her groin. I kept this up for a while as it gave me a delicious view of her whole glistening body, when I put my hands over her mound and slowly rubbed the oil in with slow arcs. I dropped one hand down to her pussy and gently touched her clit. A quick intake of breath, and she quickly closed her legs.

“OK, now my back and shoulders, please,” and proceeded to roll over.

It was an agonisingly frustrating moment, but my consolation was now I got to stare at, and hopefully work on, her wonderful buttocks.

“Please do my shoulders. They ache from my swim earlier today.”

I got the hint. I moved back up to her shoulders, got more oil and proceeded to work deep into her upper back and shoulders. Her head was on its side – when she opened her eyes she could see my penis bobbing around her head as I worked.

“Oh you poor thing, rest it here a bit,” as she patted the side of the table by her head, in front of her mouth. I moved to place it and she cooed, and gave it a few kissed on the side, stuck out her tongue and licked the tip again. “Better? OK, keep working.”

I groaned. I slid my hands down her back and worked on the lower back muscles. I skipped her butt and began massaging the back of her thighs. I couldn’t wait any longer and moved my hands up over her buttocks. I moved in big, round sweeps. As I work I got bolder and would part her buttocks to reveal a beautiful, pink, hairless, wonderfully cratered anus. I dipped my thumbs into her cheeks on each pass, gradually getting close and closer until they brushed over her anus and I could feel the textured surface I so desired. Rachel eyes remained closed and her face became flushed. At each pass over her anus her hips raised slightly and her thighs parted some more. My circles became smaller until I just had my thumb pressing on her anus and her hips were raised and seks filmi izle her knees moved forward.

“I think the massage is over,” she moaned. “Don’t stop.”

Encouraged, I removed my thumb and place an oily finger at her anus – the slowly slid it in. I didn’t stop until it was up to my knuckle. The tightness and smooth warmth was so erotic to me. I slowly began to move it in an out. Her ass pressed back when I pushed in, encouraged I added another finger.

“Oh god yes,” she moaned. I slowly twisted them around. She moved one hand to her pussy and began to move it over her clitoris.

I removed my fingers slowly – I had to see.

“Keep going,” she pleaded.

My eyes fixated on her swollen, wet labia. “Just a minute.” Her fingers moved swiftly across her clitoris and her relaxed asshole, wet with oil. It had to be the most erotic thing I have ever witnessed. Porn has nothing on this – this was real and filled with honest lust and desire.

I couldn’t wait any longer. The scenario I had been wanking to for months was about to happen.

I placed a hand on each buttock, gently parted them and moved my face forward. I place my lips on her anus.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck!”

I licked my way around the ridge of her anal folds.

She began to whimper.

My tongue pressed forward past the opening and I began to ream her out in earnest, pressing my tongue in as far as I could.

Her fingers were a blur. “I’m gonna cum!”

I moaned, pushed my tongue in as far as I could, when she let out a deep gutteral moan as her sphincter pulsed and gripped my tongue. I kept it pressed in until the contractions subsided and stilled. I lifted my head, her asshole and pussy wet an open from my saliva, her secretions and oil. Her ass remained in the air as she lay there panting, her head down on the table, flushed, sweaty and unkempt.

She opened her eyes as smiled. “That was awesome. I think I need your cock in my ass now!”

She jumped up from the massage table and ran to her bedroom. I followed like a puppy, my cock bouncing as I quickly ran through the living room and into her bedroom. She was already on the bed, head down and on her knees, ass in the air, her legs wide apart and her hands pulling apart her cheeks.

“Quickly now, before the moment passes.”

I need little encouragement.

“I may not last long,” I said. “I’m so turned on right now, I almost came without touching myself just then.”

“That’s ok – I just need to be filled – be as quick as you want.”

I moved over to her on the bed, squeezed some precum from my penis and rubbed it over the head. I grabbed it and place the head against her still slick and open anus. Slowly, slowly, I pushed it in. There was little resistance and I eased it in to the hilt, the tight, smooth warmth enveloping my cock. Rachel groaned deeply, I groaned deeply. I remained still for a moment to try and gather some control.

“Fuck me,” she said gently. “Fuck me slowly.”

I began to ease back out until just the head remained in, paused, and gently slid it back in again, enjoying the tightness working its way back up my shaft. Picking up the pace slowly, I began to thrust more regularly. I had only been going a short time.

“Now cum!” she said.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pumped faster now and with a yell I began to ejaculate deep into her ass, gripping her hips hard as I pushed, pulsed and squeezed with the most intense orgasm I had experienced. I could feel her rectum gripping tightly onto my shaft as it contracted, spurting semen into that most delicious of places. My contractions faded away and I collapsed over her back, covered in sweat.

We both rolled into a spooning position, my cock still inside her as we both caught out breath. The last thing I remember before drifting off to sleep was my softening penis slipping from her asshole, trigging a tiny gasp from Rachel.

We woke a few hours later.

“Shit! We’ve got to go to work!”

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